MDR Most Overhyped Games of 2008

Author of MDR states "I know what I'm about to say next is going to rattle a few cages, but alot of it needs to be said. Also, no I'm not doing this to spark some fanboy war. I fit were up to me I'd have all of them put in cages and send to Antarctica to ride some polar bear dick. The following are games I feel that were hyped for being near-perfect but in reality had many flaws that I feel made them average. On to the list!"

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hagesy3515d ago

I disagree with both GTA 4 and MGS 4 being overhyped. I see them both as ground breaking games for their generation. Cant comment on the others as i have not played them.

redorb17903515d ago

reasons to back up why? I mean I understand they brought things to the table but when you concentrate solely on being groundbreaking in the technological sense you forget the actual gameplay of it. Both had great stories but neither held my attention after I went through the main story.

Palodios3515d ago

This is a horrible article. He picks out four of the best games of the generation and calls them overhyped. Then, he calls out crummy ps3 ports, pointing to Fallout 3, which is practically the same as the other versions except that there were some small problems earlier on that have SINCE BEEN PATCHED OUT.

pansenbaer3515d ago

"Also, the whole pressing X till you finger fell off was a huge low point in the game, people know what I’m talking about."

Ooooo, I would most certainly have to disagree there. Sure it wasn't a whole lot of fun to mash it, it was very fitting for what was happening. If you were into the story, you loved that part...and probably cried, like me...

swiftshot933515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

is he talking about the microwave? You click triangle not x. Also this game is no way overhyped. gameplay,graphics, and story will blow you away.

BTW-Act 4 was some of the best time in gaming ive ever had.

Edit: The fight with liquid you click R1 not x.???

Edit: LOL @ GeoW2 overhyped. Multiplayer is crap, but single player is one of the best experiences available on Xbox 360.(After Mass Effect IMO)

Unicron3515d ago

The microwave scene was epic personified. The emotion, the music, the visuals... yeah, it's simple in the finger pain = the emotional pain of Snake... but that's Kojima's gift... he creates parallels that others never see. I will NEVER forget Snake's struggle.

Elvfam5113515d ago

I think the author was talking about the torture chamber in mgs1 or your way

redorb17903515d ago

Hmmm I never looked at it that way. Well good points and I didn't give MGS4 a low score because it was a wonderful game.

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MGOelite3515d ago

MGS4 should not be on this list, it tied up all the crap from the other games, some nice plot twists, decent and underrated online mode, great graphics and sound nice lenght (about 15-20 hours) and none of it got boring as it just got better towards the end. nostalgic moments like in act 4 where you got back to shadow moses and the song "the best is yet to come" starts playing and you hears voices from the past.

if anything MGS4 was underhyped

TheColbertinator3515d ago

GTA4 was overhyped by a mile.That game is so boring.I hope GTA5 is better.

NegativeCreep4273515d ago

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ForROME3515d ago

Oh please if your going to go with hype vs didnt live up

GTA lived up some what just not enough my vote is



redorb17903515d ago

Those were the two worst games of the year that I actually spent money on.

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