The Goozex Report Reviews Call of Duty: World at War

Still on the fence about Call of Duty: World at War? Didn't get it for the Holidays? Here's a review that might make you think of at least checking it out.

From The Goozex Report: The next stop in the Call of Duty franchise is none other than Call of Duty World at War, which takes gamers back to World War II. Treyarch, the developer of Call of Duty 3, takes another shot at the franchise. My first impression of the game reminded me of Call of Duty 4, except I time traveled back to the 1940's.

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CrAppleton3432d ago

I own both COD4 and [email protected] still not sure this one is better than COD4.. just different. If it weren't for the fact that most of my friends are playing it.. Then I probably wouldn't have got it.

All in all, good game though

bgrundman3432d ago

This game looks like it has potential to be outstanding.

CrAppleton3432d ago

It is.. And It's fun to play with a close knit group of people.. I just think they could have done more with it

CrAppleton3432d ago

how you can see the enemy from your spawn on ALMOST every multiplayer map.. frustrating as all hell..