Thunderbolt Games Review Too Human

Thunderbolt Games: "Good intentions can only take you so far.

Trapped in development hell for nearly 10 years, originating on Sony's PlayStation, shifting to the Nintendo GameCube and eventually landing on Microsoft's Xbox 360, Silicon Knight's Too Human has not had an easy life. Dated, delayed, embroiled in legal issues with Epic Studios and awash with bad press post-conference, the Norse-inspired action-RPG finally hit shelves after a decade-long tour, but found none waiting with open arms.

And it wasn't due to a mis-informed public, or a mis-interpretation of what Silicon Knights aimed for. Despite an interesting premise and a desire to break a number of traditional role-playing archetypes, Too Human shot for the moon, but haphazard controls, a flimsy skill advancement system and a slew of oft-occurring gameplay frustrations keep this sci-fi epic's feet firmly planted on the ground."

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lamplight3512d ago

Way to review a game that came out 5 months been asleep since then or what? And way to go giving it an obviously low score....easy to do after you've read 100 other reviews....and are now trying to get some press by bashing it. This game is much better than a 4 out of ten. Do yourself a favor and shutdown your website. Thanks!

SAiOSiN3512d ago

Someone's kind late to the party...I bet their excuse is that they were playing the game that long in order to have an accurate review. Which it is btw.

mcgrawgamer3512d ago

this is sad on so many levels.

bash the game all you want. It has sold close to over a million copies, and SK even stated on their site that some users have logged in over 600 hours on the game sp and co-op of course.

bottomline is this review is waste of space