Wired: Best of 2008 - Top 5 PS3 Games

Wired writes: "Before its launch two years ago, Sony's Blu-ray-powered PlayStation 3 looked poised to continue the company's dominance of the game industry. Now it's scraping for exclusive content.
It's no coincidence that all but one of the games on writers' list were bankrolled by Sony itself.

The maker of PlayStation 3 has ramped up its internal game development efforts in an attempt to differentiate its expensive, third-place box. And it's doing quite a good job at it, judging by 2008's software lineup. Will it be enough to save PlayStation 3's bacon in 2009?"

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pp3403d ago

Heavenly Sword

geda3403d ago

only three of those games came out in 2008 hon.

belal3403d ago

pp you fail again :=)

and mgs4 most goty next 2 lbp ;)

wow did gears 2 get any hahahahahahahahahahaha, dont you remember gears 2 goty aaa confirmed blabla hahahahahahahaha im still laughing at you btw :)