Wardevil Chronicles Revealed for PS3

As part of a New Years treat, the team over at Digi-Guys have released new content from a special side project entitled "Wardevil Chronicles."


According to the DigiGuys, Wardevil Chronicles is an accompanying 2D Cartoon/Anime that will be used to debut various characters and scenarios throughout the life of the main WarDevil Project.

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PirateThom3363d ago

A side-project to a main project that is nowhere to be seen?

Jpinter3363d ago

More on the main project is coming soon... hehe :)

Alcohog3363d ago

Jpinter what is your involvement? Am I to believe that someone from PSU knows something about WarDevil that the rest of us don't?

thereapersson3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I thought that the whole "WarDevil" project was an under-funded hoax? I remember there being an article from a supposed disgruntled employee who posted in a forum about this...

Jpinter3363d ago

I talk with the developers. There will be more on the projects revealed over the next month or so.

thereapersson3363d ago

So it's not an elaborate fake then, right? If that's true, that's good to hear as I am actually rather looking forward to War Devil, and have been for quite some time. It is odd, however, that they would show this before the main project is even near-completion...

Statix3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

To be completely honest, the whole thing reaks of a hoax. This game was announced in, what, 2005? 2006? And they still haven't released a single piece of in-game footage for it (all the previous stuff they've shown was prerendered CG, as confirmed by the technical guys at Beyond3D). It's been years, and we still have absolutely no idea what the game actually plays or looks like! Now they have the gall to announce a special spin-off animated side project to the nonexistent Wardevil franchise, when everyone is obviously awaiting actual gameplay footage for the game with bated breath for so long? This is not mentioning that in addition to the game itself, Digi-Guys also claims to have been working on a full-length CGI movie. So in addition to this newly announced cel-animated Wardevil Chronicles, Digi-Guys is apparently juggling development with a full-length CG movie as well as a 1080p-native, PS3-exclusive videogame, all three simultaneously. Good luck to them.

Look, I don't know if this whole Wardevil fiasco really is a fake or not. I can't say that with 100% certainty. But all the evidence we have uncovered so far in the project's timeline certainly hints toward that direction.

jwatt3363d ago

Wardevil, GOD OF WAR and Heavenly Sword their names are so similar it's like you can make a big story out of them.

Jpinter3363d ago


The reason its taken so long is that they are developing a game, cgi movie, and anime. That's a lot

Statix3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Why not show some in-progress, in-game footage of the game in action? Just to give everyone some idea of how the game actually plays? You know, like every other videogame?

Also, why would a first-time, fledgling game studio even attempt to undertake that kind of enormous task? That sounds like the stupidest course of action they could've taken, to commit that much funds and resources to three major projects based on a new IP, an unproven franchise that hasn't hit the ground yet. Why not make the game first, and see if the game actually succeeds or not, THEN proceed with further business decisions to expand the franchise?

Violater3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Hey Justin
Tell them the game needs to be more visceral than what we saw before.
And definitely have some form of online vs or coop mode.
Edit man even that trailer looks boring.

four-two3363d ago

"Why not show some in-progress, in-game footage of the game in action? Just to give everyone some idea of how the game actually plays? You know, like every other videogame?"

Yeah, why Square Enix, why still no gameplay footage of FFXIII or Versus, uh...

Statix3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

They have shown gameplay screens and video of FFXIII, haven't they? In the very first trailer, there was already was realtime footage and/or gameplay shown.

Aside from that, if you aren't able to grasp the difference between a revered, longstanding, 20+ year-old Squaresoft franchise that everyone unquestionably knows 110% EXISTS, isn't vaporware, and is guaranteed to release within the next 1-2 years, versus a brand-new unknown IP from an upstart game studio that's never shipped a single product, and has rumors of fraud swirling around its existence/operations, then I do not know what the hell more I can tell you.

pixelsword3363d ago

and you haven't seen anything that resembled gameplay as of yet; the only thing that was shown was animation, nothing different than what Digi-Guys did.

Mr_President_3363d ago

Ok Stasix take off that tinfoil hat, put away the telescope and come back down to earth man. Do you seriously think this is vapourware?? Really???

Statix3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

@pixelsword: The difference is that Remedy (an established developer that has already shipped products, btw) and has shown verifiable realtime footage and screenshots. I repeat, realtime stuff that's directly representative of the game. For everything we know, Digi-Guys has only shown pre-rendered demonstration trailers, which were not running in realtime off PS3 hardware.

@Mr_President: How am I the one with the tinfoil hat, when I put up some extremely valid, reasonable points that all implicate Wardevil as a project that's so mismanaged and incomplete that it may never be finished? Again, I'm not necessarily drawing conclusions that Wardevil is absolutely 100% "vaporware" per se... but all the evidence can lead one to reasonably deduce that it may be in a state where it's still indemonstrable to the public as an actual game after 3-4 years of "development." And I mean demonstrable as a GAME, as opposed to a collection of animated art assets cobbled together to titilate the public for about 10 seconds before they start questioning whether the game is real again.

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TOO PAWNED3363d ago

Bizzare and interesting.

pixelsword3363d ago

So when you're finished with the game, if I'm not mistaken, you unlock the movie that plays in the game's engine.

The potential for this is great, because with a mere update, you can get new chapters of the movie as well as gameplay.

gaffyh3362d ago

It's like that Heavenly Sword anime they did before the game released, to hype everyone up.

Blackmoses3363d ago



Nathan Drake3363d ago


damnightmare3363d ago

I need to see some gameplay and a release date, I don't really care about this Cartoon.

pixelsword3363d ago

because it's already a dune-like game, so either you get tons of dialogue in-game, or a back-story to get this stuff out of the way.

SAiOSiN3363d ago

Looks Star Warsey. Quit the doodling and just finish the game. Other than that they look cool.

Giriath3363d ago

Dead Space had a short animated series...and a movie. People liked that, so why wouldn't they like this?

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