Will Sony cut the price of PlayStation 3 in '09?

From the article: "Sony has one heck of a powerful video-game system in its PlayStation 3. In fact, I'm really looking forward to playing Resident Evil 5 on it. But Sony is having a tough time competing against Microsoft's Xbox 360, as well as the system that no one can touch, the Nintendo Wii. Forget that it has the Blu-ray, forget that it has the Cell processor. Right now, it has something that consumers just can't ignore: a pretty hefty price tag."

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Bnet3433518d ago

Probably but by the end of the year.

TheTwelve3518d ago

It will of course happen at the end of the year. That's normal. Sony has, despite the foolish words of haters, no need to cut the price now. Only people with an extremely narrow and limited point of view think Sony has issues above and beyond their competitors that they can't handle.


elorm93518d ago

They need to make a profit somehow to break even from their 2006 - 2007 losses

The Judderman3518d ago

If they don't drop the price they will stay in 3rd place this gen, simple as that.
If they don't drop the price till the end of 09, same thing.
They need a price cut now and a big one if they are to compete. Trouble is Sonys shareholders don't want one. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Elimin83518d ago

"Damned if they do" lol

Bren863518d ago

Why do people care if they drop the price. I can see it being a concern to people who don't have one yet but the majority of people crying about it already have a ps3. Since when do you buy something THEN want a price drop.

I bought my ps3 for £425 and the last thing I want to see is it being cheaper in the shops.

gaminoz3518d ago

That's actually a good point: I have a PS3 and I think they need to cut their price. It doesn't make much sense, except I think the idea is that people who do have a PS3 want it to do well, and to do that it needs to sell more...meaning a price cut.

I mostly play on my 360 so that makes it even stranger that I want a price cut you'd think: except I want BOTH consoles to succeed so there's good competition.

PimpHandHappy3518d ago

funny pic btw

im guessing Oct 2009 PS3 hits 300 bucks

interrergator3518d ago

i say price cut first then advertise killzone 2 the only way we can see a ps3 game in the 8 million or 10 million

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The story is too old to be commented.