5 Reasons Why IE Fails

PCEverything writes: "Internet Explorer, the gateway to the internet, or so it was back in the day is anything but now. Currently, there are several decent browsers that can get you to the same place faster, safer and easier. With an unbiased approach, I will look into the reasons why IE has and is beginning to fail. From CSS interpretations to memory usage IE has gone downhill."

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Bnet3433487d ago

Ouch, that site seems a little one sided by just looking at the community activity. The fact that they provided links to alternative browsers was not cool. We know IE sucks, but you don't need to make up peoples mind on that. Let them choose themselves.

Elven63487d ago

I agree, some of those points aren't even valid! Does Firefox or Chrome have a 1800 number you can call for technical assistance? Security? The number 1 law of programing, nothing is ever 100% secure, the only reason Internet Explorer is targeted is because of the huge market share it has compared to the competition. Customizing? More like nit picking, Internet Explorer has the ability to create addons, their are a ton of great add ons for it as well, Microsoft even has a "marketplace" for them where you can browse through free and premium add ons all submitted by the community with some from Microsoft, this point might have been valid a few years ago, but definitely not in 2008 or 09 depending on where your reading this from ;)

The only points I agree with are the .css issues and memory usage.

S1CKLY3487d ago

I agree that the arguments about customization and support are pretty weak, but what the author stated about CSS, memory usage and security are all completely true.. that should be enough to scare you into switching.

As a web developer I ask you all.. PLEASE.. use firefox.. or opera at the least.

Bnet3433487d ago

It's funny how two people say they agree, yet I get two disagrees. I don't really give a sh*t about the agree or disagree thing since your comment doesn't get covered up like other sites do, but thought it was funny how that was.

Elven63487d ago

Heh I don't even use the agree/disagree thing because their always run by fanboys who are tainting the vote so to speak, I'll give you +1 ;)

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TaylorFlatt3487d ago

I see your point, however, that was not the point of the article. The main point of the article was to simply display the faults of the browser. From personal experience it only makes sense to have a one sided view on "5 Reasons Why IE fails". But, by listing the faults, it is still left up to the reader to make a choice whether or not to stay or leave IE. It is just giving the plain fact to many people who otherwise don't know and blindly use the browser because it comes with their OS.

But I do see your point Kigmal.

power of Green 3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

IE/MSFT/Windows always fails on the web where alot of trolls and haters gather.

Most people are fine with it lol.

Seems we're seeing the backlash and the forced news again.

Obama3487d ago

I hope you are not trying to say that IE is better than firefox and chrome.

Gun_Senshi3487d ago

there is difference between facts and opinions

power of Green 3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Oh look imagine that.

@#3.1, Change the avatar please and your username, you're not doing the pres elect any favors at all, matter of fact you unfairly cause me to see Obama diferently for 5 minutes when you stalk me.

Speed-Racer3487d ago

@power - you are such an idiot... (obama statement)

also, if you put up with mediocre web browsing...fine, that's not our problem...remain in your hole of narrow mindedness

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Eiffel3487d ago


"Where The Obvious is News"

SAiOSiN3487d ago

I use Google Chrome and occasionally Safari.

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