Is the Xbox 360 more hi-def than the PS3?

Gamer Blorge investigates: "This is a question that has been on many gamer's minds since the PS3 launched. Gamers have been arguing over this very topic for two years now and there is still no clear answer if the PS3 is truly more hi-def than the Xbox 360 or vice versa. However, early games seem to indicate that the Xbox 360 might have been easier to develop HD games.

"True hi-definition" became the industry buzzword during 2007, similarly to the way LittleBigPlanet became the buzzword for 2008. It became such a key topic; Microsoft even added a HDMI port to the Xbox 360 just so that they could say the console was truly hi-def."

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JustinSaneV23519d ago

I guarantee people are going to spam the report button without reading the story. Sure the title is a little "hostile" to fanboys but it's a decent article written with fair facts and props to both consoles.

Saigon3519d ago

this was a good article...I did not know there that many 1080P games for the PS3...and the 360 only has 1...I did not know that...I guess hearing the 360 upscalling reports sort of deter your thoughts on what is true HD and just HD...

incogneato3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

theres also more reasons why ps3 is the winner

1. ps3 has more 1080p games
2. ps3 has more higher res games
3. ps3 has bluray
4. ps3 has hdmi 1.3 (xbox only has 1.2)

i hate titles like this.

Nathan Drake3519d ago

Until I can watch BluRay quality movies on the 360,Ps3 will forever be the most complete HD package out on the market.

JsonHenry3519d ago

When it comes to output options - Yes! My 360 has a built in upscaler. Which means I can play on my monitor @ 1680*1050 or on my TV @ 1080p no matter what the game is designed to run at natively without stretching or artifacts. My PS3 only has 720 or 1080. : (

However the PS3 has MUCH better sound options. I mean, not even in the same league better than the X360.

interrergator3519d ago

@nathan drake i dont think 360 is never gona have blueray according to microsoft

jadenkorri3519d ago

are hi def games overrated...yes they are

article lost credit after that statment, luckily it was decently written, im sure theres gonna be hi def 360 games compared again 3...2...1...

Gue13519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

You don't even know what you're talking about: "...without stretching or artifacts." yeah right. What do you think an up-scaler is? Man how can you be a gamer and not know simple facts?

The most ridiculous part are the 9 agrees because that means that there are 9 persons that know less about this topic than you... I'm not going to take the time to explain things to you because you're probably going to ignore it anyway.

GUNS N SWORDS3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )


"1. ps3 has more 1080p games"

not every 1080p game ps3 has is ground breaking in terms of graphics, beyond 3D said most of the 1080p games are PSN games.

a lot of the games that have more potent graphics are the ones in 720p such as kill zone 2, uncharted, dead space, gears of war, resistance, RE5, mirror's edge, ect and they are all 720p native. so basically the standard for games in this era is 720p, even PC magazines use 720p as the standard.

MorganX3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Xbox 360 isn't in PS3's league. No HD Media format, No HD Audio formats. Case closed. This has to be the most uninformed article ever.

PS3 is a high-def beast. Xbox 360 has a high resolution display that can generate 1920x1280. That's about all the hi-def there is to the Xbox but High Definition entertainment is much more than that. Forget Dolby Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD, Xbox can't even do uncompressed audio - no HD media format to hold it.

I have an Xbox, love Live!, and Gears but this is getting ridiculous.

pixelsword3519d ago

...It just doesn't compare to native resolutions.

ThanatosDMC3519d ago

54" Bravia with an upscaled DVD movie, you'll notice the square things that pop out like a low quality rip for a PSP.

MorganX3519d ago

IMO upscaling can't compare to native Blu-ray 1080p. People who think it does, probably don't have Blu-ray. What it is, is a great way to preserve old DVDs that may never be released on Blu-Ray. I have a lot of B-movies I love that will never go Blu. One that will be going Blu and I have pre-ordered is Point of No Return with Bridget Fonda. Before La Femme Nikita, there was Point of No Return. Now how about the campy BarbWire ... Pam Anderson's upscaled silicone has too many artifacts.

3518d ago
JustinSaneV23518d ago


That attitude belongs in the Open Zone. Read the rules before posting.

SonyOwnsNextYear3518d ago

the 360 is more hd. it has hddvd.

y0haN3518d ago


Well, the games look exactly the same, except the 360 version has 2XAA. So of course it's going to look a little better.

BattleAxe3518d ago

Yes, XBOX 360 is more Hi-Defective.

Oner3518d ago

That was awesome BattleAxe ~ Bubbles.

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Bnet3433519d ago

It's not the consoles, it's the people that make the games. They choose to output the game in whatever resolution they want, has nothing to do with the consoles because we all know they can both output in HD. I just laugh at the fact that people make a big deal out of this like if they have two TV's next to each other observing every little thing.

JustinSaneV23519d ago

I actually think it's a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. There's a trade-off as it takes horsepower and system resources to output games in "TrueHD" and some developers don't want to waste those resources on a few extra pixels.

morganfell3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

If you aren't discussing movies, where 1080P matters, then what is more important:

A - The resolution
B - The way a game looks

Have you noticed 360 supporters no longer submit articles about great games coming to the 360? Because there aren't any. The only half decent ones will be multiplatform and look better on the PS3. Everything is an attack on the PS3 because that is all they have left.

SaberEdge3519d ago

What recent multi-platform games look better on the PS3? I have both systems and most recent games I have seen have looked slightly better on the 360.

Prince of Persia
Dead Space
Mirror's Edge
...all looked equal or better on the 360. So which games are you talking about?

Argento-Nox3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

@Kigmal who wrote:

"It's not the consoles, it's the people that make the games. They choose to output the game in whatever resolution they want, has nothing to do with the consoles because we all know they can both output in HD. I just laugh at the fact that people make a big deal out of this like if they have two TV's next to each other observing every little thing."


You do realize that the initial core unit for the 360 had no HDMI outputs, right? MS even went so far as to say that people didn't need HDMI for gaming.

Secondly, the option for HD gaming wasn't there at the beginning for developers when you take into consideration the core unit released on launch day didn't have that option to begin with.

I find it amusing how HD gaming for MS wasn't important until the Wii overlapped them in sales, to which MS changed their tune to "We have the best HD system on the market". Umm...sure, with the exception that it can only upconvert to 1080p but not do it natively. How the hell can you even do that on a dvd format, if that was the case, there wouldn't be a need for the blu-ray format.

People make a big deal b/c 360 fans have been harping for at least a year now about their better multi-platform games and better graphics. Have you not noticed that reviewers compare the multi-platform games, that's then used as 360 fanboy ammunition for their argument that the 360 is better?

Tarasque3519d ago

You are saying HDMI is needed? Component does the exact same thing as what does HDMI does. Sure it might not be a true digital signal but your eyes can not tell the difference between the 2.

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chasegamez23519d ago ShowReplies(4)
power of Green 3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

The chip makers said that late in the 360's and PS3's life the 360 will outperform PS3 by more than it does now. 1080p games will be more common on the 360.

There is more articles from diferent pro's but I'm finding nothing really matters here outside of passion for one's support of his/her platform(truth/fact/proof don't count)why bother lol.

Dam you people are rabid let it go sheeesh!.

El_Colombiano3519d ago

Haha that is why there are currently more PS3 games at higher resolutions on PS3? Yeah yeah, keep talking your FUD green.

OuterHaven3519d ago

LOL? How many games on 360 are 1080 i/p?

prabx3519d ago

LOL Funny Joke 'PoG' =D
Good Wun !

prabx3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

You My Friend Have Lil Evidence For Your Statement.


My Bad PoG, You Are Officially A N00b =D Enjoy!

MUNKYPOO3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

the article was written in 2005. then the article by jason booth. the guy who hates sony. nice one pog

fire233519d ago

You do realize that the to article link you gave was just a plug from ATI about there hardware. And as much as I like Harmonix they dont really have much to speak of for pushing the consoles

Godmars2903519d ago

Dude, didn't you read the article? It says that HD doesn't matter :p

GrandTheftZamboni3519d ago

"1080p games will be more common on the 360."

It's true: Boogie Bunnies!

I_am_rushin3519d ago

I would believe you if 360 titles were continuing to look better, but guess what. They aren't! PS3 titles are continually getting better and better and better. RFoM -> Uncharted ->MGS4 ->Killzone2 ->Uncharted2 -> GOW III->and B3YOND.

360 graphics have stagnated and you would have to be a complete moron not to see that. With more and more multiplat titles starting to look better on the PS3 the future is bleak for the 360.

And pulling out articles from 6 months before the 360 came out and 18 months before the PS3 came out doesn't prove anything.

pansenbaer3519d ago

"...ports to the PS3 will never be as good as their 360 counter parts, and ...most PS3 exclusives will likely continue to suck,"

And why would I care what someone who thinks like that has to say? He obviously hates Sony and makes sure you know it.

Jazz41083519d ago

I didnt know that thanks POG. Developers are saying the reason the PS3 needs blueray is that the machine could not even compete if they didnt have the extra space to duplicate information. It would be slow as can be. I would love to see how a game would run on the PS3 if it used dvd9.

360 man3519d ago

you say 360 titles remain graphically stagnent

well let me introduce to u some screenshots of alan wake

please tell me wat console game looks more detailed than that

BaSeBaLlKiD7213519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

sure, heres a game that looks more detailed

the gun itself looks better than anything alan wake has

360 man3519d ago

ha ha very funny

comparing both the pics

alan wake pics look way more real and detailed
killzone 2 pics just look wierd next to alan wake

prabx3519d ago

Dear 360 man, could you please take your head out of microsofts ass and realise that Killzone 2 literally kills Alan Wake and any other 360 game you put forward, so please stop and save the embarrassment =]

360 man3519d ago

if u would kindly remove the sony shades which prohibits u from seeing that alan wake is much more detailed than killzone 2 or uncharted 2 or heavy rain or any game thats been released on ps3 for that matter

360 man3519d ago

even resident evil 5 is on par with killzone 2

Xbox is the BEST3519d ago

know what's funny? All multiplats that are 1080P on PS3 and 720 on the 360, the 360 versions look better.

prabx3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

LOL dude your the funniest guy i know, are those shots of alan wake even GAMEPLAY ? The ones that baseballkid showed you were ACTUAL gameplay screenshots of killzone 2, and resident evil 5 on par wiv killzone 2 ?!?! U sh1ttin me, you my friend take your own advice and take off microsofts shades that prohibit u from seein the real true quality. U talk bout how alan wake is much more detailed than Heavy rain?!?! Man just stop right there no need to even go there because that is the biggest bs i'v herd all year.

& btw ur comment bout resident evil 5 was just tooo funnyyyy LOLL!

360 man = true fanboy, who is jealous games like..killzone 2, uncharted 2, heavy rain, god of war 3, inFamous, M.A.G & obviously many more, will not come to the xbox 360 (i myself would love them on the xbox 360 and xbox 360 exclusives like gears 2, braid n etc to be on ps3, but you are just too much).

Happy New Year!

EDIT: Oh i do know the truth, wah i sed ^ up der is the truth, you just cant deny it..your talkin bout 1 game which i'v only seen 3 screenshots of (dont get me wrong it looks beautiful) and nothin more, on the other hand there are more than 5 games i named off top of my head and many more which look as good and some even better. You know this all, just accept it and leave it at tht.

360 man3519d ago

for ur information those are actual in game engine screen shots

dont worry u know the truth, u just dont want to admit it

alan wake simply looks more detailed than anything released on console to date

SaberEdge3519d ago

Well I have both consoles and I am sick of people talking out their @sses and claiming that the 360 hasn't improved. That's BS. I have recently been playing Gears 2 and it has blown me away. There is no doubt at all that it is a lot better looking than the first game. The lighting, particle effect, depth of field (and other special effects) have all been improved tremendously. People claiming otherwise are either blind or have never played both games for themselves.

So yes, the 360 has improved and it will continue to improve just as every console does over its lifetime. Gears 2 is the best looking game on consoles at the moment in any case, and even if that is the best we ever get on the 360, I don't think that is anything to be sad about. The second best looking game I have played is Uncharted and it was the best-looking game I had played until Gears 2 came out.

I think Alan Wake looks phenomenal. Killzone 2 looks better in its lighting and special effects, but Alan Wake looks better in the detail of its textures and its realism.

Dareaver13519d ago

i think KZ2 is visually impressive, but BaseballKid needs a new second pic to show.... The guy is literally floating above his shadow.... What is that...?

I know there are better pics of KZ2 out there, you might need to grab one of those....

Now with that being said.... I'm sorry but from those pics.... Alan Wake looks better. I just hope it's released this year.... And i'm sorry but i don't want to hear anything from the KZ2 crowd, because you know what it is to wait, right... So let's just leave it at that....

Argento-Nox3519d ago


I'd like an explanation of how a dvd can do 1080p natively? Please enlighten us all since you seem to know this to be fact. Why not ask those developers you speak of, who are they again?

Last I remember, Carmack from ID said that the PS3 version of Rage will look better even though he's about as anti-PS3 as any 360 fanboy.

@360 fan

I wouldn't talk about a game until it's actually out, it's pointless and a relatively weak argument at best. Alan Wake hasn't been released yet, so anything mentioned pertaining to it's graphics is heresy until release date.

pixelsword3519d ago

...but no gameplay in any of them. Not one moment.

thewhoopimen3518d ago

Nope. Gears2 was exactly like Gears 1 with better lighting. That was about it. I did love the art direction though, but gameplay was EXACTLY the same (meaning 6-8 enemies per encounter).

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xbot the fakest hi def ever ..keep DDing suckers aint HI def either..just keep believing microshaft...

Martini3519d ago

There is not a such thing as a hi-def media, you can have 1080p movie on DVD. I think you ment to say large capacity media (blu-ray).

GIJeff3519d ago

we all know what he meant. And technically speaking, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are "high def" media, as that is what they are advertised/sold as. So, your wrong for being stupid and for trying to sound smart.

doshey3519d ago

thats dvd

Thats Blu ray

so why dont u take a look at these and tell me if dvd can do 1080p, with out having to be upscaled

Martini3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Drive speeds for DVD versus BD drives (note 360 has a 12xDVD drive and PS 3 has a 2x BD drive)

Blu-ray 2x: 72Mbp / = constant 8MBps
12x DVD: 66 - 132Mbps / = variable 8.2 - 16.5MBps

So you can have a 1080 p movie on the DVD using the codec that is used on blu-ray (MPEG-4 AVC ) but you will be limited by the 8 Gb capacity compared to Blu-ray and your movie will be short 30 min or so ? But it is possible.

Blue-ray is just a large storage media nothing else nothing more.

HateFanboys3519d ago

Martini, 72bmegabits per sec is equivalent to 9 megabytes, not 8

NaiNaiNai3519d ago


you got to keep in mind, most of the people on this site that are sony supporters just blurt out random crap, they dont understand that you can store a HD movie on a jump drive as well. its space theres nothing more to it. they are not techys there are idiots who want to ramble on and on about nothing.

just FYI hes right, you can put full HD video onto a DVD. but what you would need is a program that could read the HD video off of the disk, so if you put a 1080p video on a dvd or say a 1080p trailer on a cd, if you put it into a blue-ray player it will play in 1080p. thats who it works, its just space nothing more. there are disk storages that in dev that can hold 250-500+ GB of data. which put the blue-ray to shame, and they have higher read/burn speeds. but then again you wouldn't know that either.

thewhoopimen3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Hey guys,

I'm one to give where credit is due and both martini and nainainai are right on this end. You can technically output 1080p on a DVD. You'd just have about maybe 10-20 minutes to work of uncompressed video to work with and it would stutter badly at the beginning before smoothing out after the first 5 minutes due to the lower than bluray readspeed at the beginning. of course... you'd need hardware to support it... which doesn't exist.

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