What's Rare's Next Big Project?

That Gaming Site looks at what Rare might announce in 2009 with only two confirmed projects, what else might they be working on? They also look at the possibility of them being Microsoft's lead studio in 2009.

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Nathan Drake3431d ago

Hopefully something that doesn't involve a Bear on wheels

Elven63431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Heh yea I guess so, although I liked Nuts and Bolts but I can see why some may have hated it. Then again in the loading screens they do say if it's not your think play the XBLA port. :p

Bnet3433431d ago

I want a new Conker adventure.

mintaro3431d ago

I really hope they bring all their classics on XBL, especially Conkers.

Elven63431d ago

Conker would be great, I would love to see both of them on the Marketplace to be honest, as I'm sure many would as well. The last Conker was pretty underrated and sold horribly, Xbox Originals could give it a boost. :)

Hal Emmerich3431d ago

Honestly who cares about what Rare's next project is, they haven't made a decent game in ages

Elven63431d ago

What do you mean decent? Almost everything they made with Microsoft aside from GBTG (Which got mixed from the high 90s to mid 10s) has gotten great reviews, on Metacritic a majority of them hold a rating of over 80% with almost none (Aside from GBTG) of their titles falling below 75% overall. You must have some godly expectations for a "decent" game.

Halochampian3431d ago

Viva Pinata and Kameo tend to disagree.

lord_of_balrogs3431d ago

Donkey Kong 64, put that on XBL. But is that possible? I know Rare made the game but doesn't Nintendo own the character?

Diddy Kong Racing. Same problem as Donkey Kong.

I'd like to see a new Conker, or Diddy Kong racing 2.

Cheeseknight283431d ago

I'm sure DK64 is in the works for a port, but it will be on the Virtual Console. Rare has the ability to put games there even though they are owned by Microsoft, seeing how they put all 3 DKCs up a while back. Nintendo owns everything Donkey Kong-related and I can guarantee they aren't going to give up those rights and allow a XBLA port.

I really wish they would let Rare release Goldeneye on XBLA, though. I think they even offered to put it on VC and XBLA simultaneously but Nintendo turned them down. Maybe they can just remake it with hi-def graphics for 360? I don't think Nintendo could do anything then...

Elven63430d ago

Donkey Kong is a Nintendo franchise so if anything it will only be on the Virtual Console.

fossilfern3431d ago

Nintendo's biggest mistake was selling Rare and it was Microsoft's mistake for buying them

Elven63430d ago

How? Rare is making Microsoft money regardless, if all their titles tanked financially then maybe your statement could have some credibility but that's not the case. Combined Kameo and Perfect Dark payed back a majority of that $300 or so million Microsoft payed for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.