Kotaku: A Year in Review - The Top Features and Reporting Of 2008

Kotaku writes: "It's been a pretty amazing year for the game's industry. We've seen record sales, major layoffs, the disbarment of Jack Thompson and not a few smaller stories to mull over as well.

I combed through the year's worth of features and original stories that ran on our site this year to find the most read among them. That isn't to say these are our best efforts, but they're certainly our most popular. They also offer interesting insight into what you, the readers, find most interesting.

The top ten features of 2008 includes an ecclectic mix of topics which touch on everything from the sorts of desks developers keep, to dissecting and disproving the Madden curse, to a highbrow discussion of objectivism in BioShock with Ken Levine and the president of the Ayn Rand Institute.

Who says gamers aren't smart?"

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