US consoles use enough energy to power San Diego

TVGB: "Consoles use a lot of power, we've known that much for a while, and I'm ashamed to say that I've used my PS3 to warm myself up on more than one cold English winter night. A report from the National Resources Defense Council has found that annually the United States expends 16 billion kilowatts of energy on powering its consoles - that's enough to power the city of San Diego."

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MAR-TYR-DOM3365d ago

i feel bad when i run folding at home. PS3 does fail economically speaking, on standby the 60gb i have, uses 20 watts and over a course of a year i calculated it will use 3 times more power than an average sized refrigerator. Costing here in Toronto about $115/year @ 7.89¢/kWh. I wish i could do something about it but i cant resist playing great games. :(

GameOn3365d ago

We Pay for the electricity we use. It's is up to energy providers to produce that electricity from renewable sources.

gameraxis3365d ago

San Diego, it would need to also power the ps3's and 360's in that city, so I'm confused, lol recycling at its finest