Blu-ray boon for digital copy

Blu-ray Disc and digital copy look to be a winning combination, with consumers accessing digital copy from recent Blu-ray releases at twice the rate as from standard DVD.

According to Warner Home Video research, consumer use of digital copies on high-definition titles is double the uptake of digital copy on standard-def versions. The uptake rate (the percentage of buyers who access the included copy) also is measurably growing among Blu-ray consumers with successive Warner releases.

"The average take rate over the one month to eight month lifespan of BD titles prior to [Dec. 9] release The Dark Knight hasn't exceeded 8%," said Dorinda Marticorena, Warner senior VP of worldwide marketing and high-def. "But on day one, The Dark Knight hit above 10%. On this title, the consumer is clearly saying that the value is here, and I'm taking advantage of it."

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creeping judas3516d ago

Digital copies suck!!!

I tried to DL the digital copy of Hellboy2 I got with my bluray version. I got it past the code, and when I pressed submit I got an error. Went back and fixed the error, and it advised that this digital copy has already been used???

butterfinger3453d ago

some sort of problem doesn't mean digital copies suck. If you were using iTunes, you can go to report a problem and they are usually really great about allowing you to gain access to downloads that you no longer have or are able to access for some reason.

goflyakite3516d ago

I got one with TDK Blu-ray, it's pretty cool being able to watch it on my iPod.

paskowitz3516d ago

Yeah the one with TDK works great and is really convenient. If Blu Ray does this for all future titles I will be getting a lot more BD titles.

butterfinger3453d ago

already including TDK, Hellboy II, Blow, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Incredible Hulk, and Wanted. I love being able to watch them all on my iPhone while I'm at work.