FF XIII is no longer the most popular game in Japan

Every week the Japanese magazine Famitsu as their readers which games they want most. With those results the magazine makes a top 15. For months FF XIII has always been on number 1.

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marinelife93490d ago

They must have gotten tired of waiting for so long like the rest of the world.

mint royale3490d ago

being so far from release date its done well.

Especially considering franchises like dragon quest and pokemon are much bigger in Japan.

mohib-uddin79865323490d ago

If ff13 like ff12 it will be suck

Also ff13 has NO MP system.

Digusting digusting Square Enix

tetsuhana3490d ago

Multiplayer or Magic points?

mohib-uddin79865323490d ago

No Magic Point system

because they are lazy

whatis3490d ago

What about a world map? There hasn't been one since the Playstation One days (FFIX) and it is very important to me that they include one in FFXIII.

Surely the PS3/360 can allow them to get this part right.

ThanatosDMC3489d ago

Cant wait for Resident Evil 5!

Helghast3489d ago

Maybe the japanese lost some respect for Square Enix after their recent 360 abominations.

eatlimegreen3489d ago

Wow the MP system is just called the cost system now you don't have to freak out because its no longer called MP.

Akiira3489d ago

pretty sure ff12 was awsome

GlibGamer3489d ago

There was no MP in FF8, either. That was handled by the magic draw system, which I enjoyed.

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N4PS3G3490d ago

7. Star Ocean: The Last Hope (360, Square Enix)
8. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3, Square Enix)


mohib-uddin79865323490d ago

I wonder if the Japanese feel abondones that STart Ocean 4 is no longer on a playstation consoles

The cobnsoel fans have been playing on it for all their life

Aclay3490d ago

Star Ocean 4 is 2 months away from release and recently there's been a ton of Star Ocean 4 info/screenshots.

There hasn't been nearly as much info on Versus XIII lately, while there's been more coverage on FFXIII because it's coming out first and further ahead in development, so it kinda makes sense that Star Ocean 4 might be higher than Versus XIII regardless of the console it's coming out on.

Bnet3433490d ago

I have no idea what the hell Versus XIII is about, but Star Ocean 4 looks like a good game.

Danja3490d ago

not much is really known about FF Versus , where as SO4 has had alot of coverage and info thrown out to the public lately..

funny that the Japanese are still looking forward to The Last

NaiNaiNai3489d ago


funny you get negatives for saying SO4 is going to be a good game.

jpn gamers don't care what system there fav game is on, they will buy it, they are not console loyal. like the rest of the world seems to be. if they were, then the 360 would have never moved even 10,000 systems.

bakasora3489d ago

have you played SO3 b4?
it rocked so much.

pansenbaer3489d ago

Ha. Nai fits right in with all those "sales" nut jobs that thinks America is "the rest of the world". Do you live in Japan? Do you know what they think and feel everyday? Do know what anybody but you and your friends think and feel about consoles everyday? I'm going with no. I'm sure there are some brand loyalists in Japan and I'm sure you don't know them.

NaiNaiNai3489d ago

@ ^^^
you say i cant talk yet you turn around say i asure you there is. come on, your just being arrogant.

Akiira3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

whats with all the disagrees on kigmal just for saying star ocean 4 looks like a good game? im gona go so far as to say it looks like an awsome game. bring on the disagrees!!

GO NAI!!!!!

GlibGamer3489d ago

Remember that games closer to release will naturally be more popular as excitement builds up to the release date.

That's possibly what happened to the swap in positions between #1 and #2.

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PS360WII3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

It's flip flopped between DQ and FF for some time. Yes FF has been up there more recently but that's because of all the attention it's been getting. Now that Dragon Quest is getting close to release one would think they'd get more excited about a soon to be game rather than one they need to wait even longer for.

edit: 13. Ninokuni: The Another World (NDS, Level 5) I'm looking forward to that one too! Level 5 & Studio Ghibli ^^

TheMART3490d ago

Yes and well... What does this mean exactly?

FFXIII is still the nr.2 in Japan. I guess some PS3 fans mean to extract from this that the point that FFXIII also comes to the 360 isn't important anymore. Which is pretty funny.

"but but teh game is stolen from our Playstation! They stole it! Awwww now teh game isn't so important anymore to me... Really... It isn't... Really really really!"

Keep crying that to yourself PS3 fantards, you might cry yourself asleep tonight again.

Gue13490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

This means the same as for fanboys that keep looking for stupid articles saying that the PS3's a sinking ship when is not... Nothing.

But this actually proves my point that DQ series is bigger than FF series in Japan while everybody have been telling me that I'm wrong. Besides, this game is a Japan exclusive and if it does bad the only one that's going to get hurt is the PS3 in the eyes of Square. Expect even less support if this game does bad in Japan so, sonyboys pray for this FF game to do well...

PirateThom3490d ago

Yeah, well, the 360 has no games and Microsoft are more concerned with getting streaming movies off the ground.

Snake Raiser3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

You are a fanboy. Already we have some cause to question your intelligence. On top of that you say that FF13 going to the 360 makes PS3 fans in JAPAN unhappy... Son, it is still PS3 exclusive in Japan.

gersh3489d ago

"but but teh game is stolen from our Playstation! They stole it! Awwww now teh game isn't so important anymore to me... Really... It isn't... Really really really!"

Why must Xbots always depict us PS3ers just as stupid as themselves?

mxdan3489d ago

"Keep crying that to yourself PS3 fantards, you might cry yourself asleep tonight again."

I'm crying after I read the level of intelligence behind that butchered sentence...

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Omega43490d ago

Hopefully it can still give the PS3 the boost it so desperately needs in Japan, but after the hardware numbers from WKC cant really expect too much

Aclay3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

"Hopefully it can still give the PS3 the boost it so desperately needs in Japan, but after the hardware numbers from WKC cant really expect too much"

The PS3 needs a "desperate" boost in Japan? Ummm.... NO it doesn't. PS3 sales have been around the 30,000 unit mark weekly and higher ever since the new 80GB PS3 bundles came out.

I think you meant to say "Hopefully Star Ocean 4 can give the 360 the boost that it desperately needs in Japan". With the amount of JRPG's the 360 has, it should be selling much more.

You shouldn't question Final Fantasy XIII's ability to push PS3 hardware in Japan because it WILL.

ultimolu3490d ago


Desperate push? What, are you serious? What desperate push do you speak of?

Kamikaze1353490d ago

I hope you know the PS3 outsells the 36o in Japan at a ratio of 3:1 and 2:1 at times >_>

IzKyD13313490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Omega got it wrong, the 360 is the desperate one.....

kewlkat0073490d ago

But just watch when FFXIII is release, how much hardware it pushes over there...

Voiceofreason3490d ago

I see the SDF as usual thinks Sony only needs to beat MS to win.. However that is not the case. You children are forgetting the Wii. Which beats down the PS3 far more than the PS3 beats the 360.. Please no fanboy BS about it doesnt count as a console because you personally do not own one.. That makes no difference. Also WKS flopped hard in Japan.. The last big game for PS3 couldnt even manage to outsell Animal crossing by more than 50k and AC has been out for months. I knew it would flop though. No AAA game goes as long AS WKS did without showing anything about the game but thats exactly what they did. When the developer doesnt even hype the game it never ends up being AAA.

Harry1903490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

released on the 360 in Japan.

Guy above is not even a stealth troll. Learn from Snake my friend.

mint royale3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

the wii is ignored because it is convenient to ignore it. If it wasn't ignored then all these fights between the ps3 and 360 would be rendered useless and we all know fanboys love a good argument. People in the know realise that of course the wii is competing but just leave the fanboys to it. Their ignorance is not going to change the market.

If you don't think the wii competes then ask yourself this. The ps2 was at 8 million in Japan at the same point in its life as the ps3. The ps3 has sold just over 2 million. Where have these 6 million sales gone? The answer is clear whether you like to admit it or not.

locos853490d ago

Who is talking about the Wii here????

kewlkat0073490d ago

some were thinking Xbox 360. The game doesn't come out over there on the 360.

Sarcasm3489d ago

Yeah the PS3 needs saving in Japan, much like how Blu-Ray is doomed am I correct?

Is it me or they just keep getting stupider and stupider.

Rhoic3489d ago

Isn't 'stupider' not even a correct word? rofl.

Monkey5213489d ago

No one is forgetting the wii. No one will deny that the wii is doing amazing. The fact is, is that it is a really cheap console. So considering that all consoles (better SKU's such as 80GB PS3 or 60 GB 360) get to its price range, the people who bought the wii will buy by PS3's or 360's. I love the wii as much as any other person, but it remains a party console. IMO it is not fun to play it by yourself. Well, that's my analysis.

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