Madden Curse Strikes Again - Ranking the 12 Curse Victims

There have been 12 players featured on the covers of John Madden Football games since 1999 even though the franchise first appeared in 1988. With the conclusion of the 2008 NFL regular season, PWN or DIE decided to take a look at past Madden cover athletes and rank the effect of the "Madden Curse" on each of the victims.

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Hal Emmerich3462d ago


Serves him right for selling out

LightningPS3PS33462d ago

The NFL is just a hard league.

Imagine what people would be saying if Tom Brady or the Patriots had been on the cover?

Venomish3462d ago

it is a known phenomena called regression to the mean

Panthers3461d ago

Its seems like a pretty true curse. I mean Mike Vick was on the cover one year. And the second I saw that Favre was on the cover I knew something would go wrong. LOL.

EastCoastSB3462d ago

They're just prepping for an insane bounce back next year, like the Dolphins.

Not. lol

Dark General3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

They have Megatron and Kevin Smith COULD have a decent season next year. The problem is defense and QB.

Also i'd probably say Duante Cullpepper would be #2 for me, followed by #3 for Vick.

aaquib093462d ago

Madden just sucks and the player injures himself on purpose because they're just that embarrassed of representing such a crappy game and a crappier brand.

Baka-akaB3462d ago

I can't wait for the start of the "fifa curse" ... so far all we got in football ( screw the name soccer) are some players that had been slacking off and playing fifa too much

claney3461d ago

Bit hard to know if there is a curse since no other
player gets a chance since chucking ronholdino on the
cover for the last 10 years lol

Crazywhitie3462d ago

The Madden Curse Is about the Player getting Hurt not sucking.. Every madden cover player has gottin hurt during the year...

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