Behind the Pictures with Team Pixel

A behind the scenes video of a model named Jannica from

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DarkSniper3398d ago

Seeing the fact that Microslaves have never experienced the true touch and sensation of a woman, Dark Sniper expects only Microslaves to be aroused by such a simple video. While Sony Snipers have lives outside of the console, Microslaves will be stuck in their mother's basement completely committed to masturbation.


ukilnme3398d ago

Yeah she's nice looking. It does not surprise me that you think other wise because you are one of the biggest Sony Dildo Suckers on N4G. But hell, it's okay if you are in to men. Do you you.

Happer New Year.


Piece Of Spooge 33398d ago's funny that you try to be the Zhuk of the PS3 fanboys....the only problem is that you are obviously uneducated. It's also obvious that you spend all of your pathetic life on here. Stop trying to speak suck at life.

Xlll3397d ago

Look at these two bots defending their right to chronic masterbation while living in their mothers basement. Someday maybe you will know the feel of a woman paid for or otherwise.

Hellsvacancy3398d ago

No there doesnt - i prefer more top heavy birds ;-P

UnSelf3397d ago

oh the girls pretty too

NegativeCreep4273397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

but I have Seen/Done better!!!

Edit: Hey don't disagree with me, you Xbot lonely boys. Just because you all are sex-less morons doesn't mean the rest of the world has to be.

ThanatosDMC3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Yeah even though i agree with you, some people have different tastes.

Oh well, let them enjoy.

What's that on the left of the Gamecube???

Spike473398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

One of the few good things released on this week.

DarkSniper3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

If there's one thing that scares Microslaves in the real world, it's a woman. If you own an Xbox 360, it's highly likely that you have some sort of social disorder that prohibits you from enjoying everyday activities that the common everyday person does. Instead, you're confined to your gaming sanctuary with your Xbox Live account.

Beautiful women such as this person in the aformentioned video do exist in the real world. Microslaves are too inept to understand the true beauty of socialism to enjoy the finer things in life.

You can easily tell who lives their life on Xbox Live if you surround a typical gamer around 5 beautiful women and 10 african american people. If you see him sweat and unable to generate a single word, he's a Microslave. He's out of his element since he cannot send a friend request to said woman in the room, stalk the woman until her Xbox Live account expires and knows if he says the same racial slurs that he does at home, he will be beaten to oblivion by the ten African Americans in the room.


ukilnme3397d ago

All of that may be true. In most cases I suspect that it is. Regardless, that does not change the fact that you like to suck dildos. It's okay though. Do you you.

Happy New Year.


Xlll3397d ago

Why do you like talking about dildos so much? Is that the newest item cliffy uses on you young boys these days? Does it say Gears of War on it? Oh and if there are "multiplayers" does it stop working?

sak5003397d ago


Ah shuddup and go gyrate in your homo den where every sexy looking girl is in fact pimply faced teenager like you who jerks off at their characters.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3397d ago

Hahahaha well spoken Dark Sniper.Piece of Spooge 3 and ukilnme got owned again

ukilnme3397d ago

LMAO. You must be sharing dildos with sniper. It's okay though. Do you...erruh him...oh what ever yall do together.

Happy New Year.


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The story is too old to be commented.