IncGamers: Best And Worst Games Of 2008

Instead of the same old "Top 10" games of the year the IncGamers team have outlined the games they've enjoyed most this year, as well as the worst game of the year for them.

No top ten here!

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Maticus3427d ago

What, no mention of WoW?? Shocked.

Dorjan3427d ago

I like, glad you guys showed your faces at last!

pp3427d ago

Worst Games

MotorStorm 2
Resistance 2

Best Game


AdolfBinBush3427d ago

or something like that... is of wob wub?I can't remember

callahan093427d ago

I'm glad someone picked Motorstorm Pacific Rift as their game of the year. That wouldn't be my pick, but I'm glad to see it getting recognized for what it is: a brilliant, ridiculously fun romp that's easy to pick up and play and has tons of value to keep you coming back for more. It was easily the "Surprise of the Year" for me: I despised the first Motorstorm, for its awful long load times, lack of variety (and weak design) in the tracks, and awkward control issues. I know it was a well received game, but when I played the copy that came with my PS3 last year, I was shocked at how little fun and how much frustration it was giving me. So, when I read similarly good reviews of Pacific Rift, I figured it was more of the same thing and I wouldn't like it again. Then my brother got it and when he came to visit, he brought it with him, and we played it for hours and it convinced me to buy it. They improved the load times about an infinite amount, the courses are so much more interesting, the controls are much tighter, and the variety is through the roof for a racing game. I absolutely love the game, and I expected to hate it.

I highly disagree with the last guy's opinion that Fable 2 is a "hack-n-slash Sims." Fable 2 is really fun and addictive, for me at least. Overall, their selections are kind of weird, and I wouldn't really pick any of them for my best or worst. But oh well.

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