HDR's Best of Blu-ray 2008 Top Ten

""Best of" lists are always a hit and miss affair. While some will bemoan why their favorite title did not make the list, others will scratch their head wondering how a certain title possibly got included. Such is the beauty and diversity of high-def titles currently available to the home theater enthusiast.

The following is a list of Blu-rays that are equally worthy of your consideration and can hold you over while we wait to discover the wonder of high-def that 2009 will bring us. Rather than running out of steam, it appears that Blu-ray is just ramping up to provide some of best high-def home video enjoyment yet."

A link to a best-of Blu-ray by studio is at the bottom of the article.

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eagle213337d ago

From those listed, I have purchased The Dark Knight and Band of Brothers on blu-ray. Awesome quality! :)