Blu-ray sales surge over Xmas beats the crunch

Dark Knight on Blu-ray entertained us and the Abba spin-off movie DVD Mamma Mia cheered many of us up this Christmas, particularly the good people of the British Video Association that claims the Xmas period has been a good one for Blu-ray sales, despite the credit crunch.

Data provided by the Official Charts Company, shows "that the home entertainment market is alive and kicking, despite difficult trading conditions across the entire retail sector" according to the BVA.

"Blu-ray disc sales hit a new high in the run-up to Christmas; 1.5 million discs were sold in December alone, up almost 400% against the same period in 2007," continues the BVA press release, which is hardly surprising, seeing as a considerably higher proportion of the population have access to a PlayStation 3, a stand-alone Blu-ray player or a laptop or desktop with a Blu-ray drive than did so at this point last year.

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Kain813488d ago

Blu-Ray is a Dead format.

MEDIA is Powerful, but knowledge is SOLID

gaffyh3488d ago

It's all those people that bought HD-DVD drives - LMAO @ them.

Draperc3488d ago

haha, bubbles for the mgs4 courage is solid trailer reference. :D

anh_duong3488d ago

quick someone get a defribillator for don reisinger - don't you people know that positive blu-ray stories gives this guy a heart attack..

stop posting positive blu-ray articles!!!

Lifendz3488d ago

it's like ten blu-ray is dead and the PS3 is dying articles per hour and yet I read at least one of these a week that shows the format is doing just fine. I bet if this was HD-DVD people wouldn't be talking about how it's declining.

Blu-ray is fine. The difference between it and DVD is great for those of us that have an HDtv.

RPG Guy3488d ago

Sony's soooooo screwed.....right.

Notice the difference in articles like these and the 1,000,000+ PS3 bash articles? THESE HAVE NUMBERS TO SUPPORT THEM. Not opinion.

Media = Fail. Good times for Blu-Ray. I love buying Blu-Ray. Home Entertainment at its finest.

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Darkseider3488d ago

Negative Blu-Ray article in 3... 2... 1...

doshey3488d ago

see now is it that hard to make a positive blu ray story

Nineball21123488d ago

Now where are all of the critics that say I only post negative stories about blu-ray, PS3, etc.

News is news...

And this is GREAT news (imo) for Sony, and PS3 owners.

Blu-ray is here to stay. (hey, that rhymed!)

Neither negative nor good articles will change that basic fact.

Draperc3488d ago

I dunno, do they sound something like this?: OMG! OMG! OMG! YOU ONLY POST T3H NEGATIVE BLOO RAY ARTIKLES! FANBOI! FANBOI! FANBOI!

Nineball21123488d ago

Yeah, you pretty much summed it up.

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The story is too old to be commented.