More Monster Hunter G, Monster Hunter 3 details

Some new information about Monster Hunter G and Monster Hunter 3 have been released.

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Bnet3433366d ago

I played the first one for PSP and honestly I don't know what makes this game so good that people go crazy over it. It's like a weird action RPG or something. Like that game Valhalla Knights.

bunbun7773366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

And it still is my favorite PSP game-- the second one was good too.

I love the RPG feel of leveling the armor and weapons, resource gathering, the lack of story or character development is refreshing, because for me it's all about the hunt. Finding those mega dragons, and then initiating truly engaging fights that get progressively difficult.... oh i remember the victory yells when you finally level one of those mofos.... SotC like... just a little bit.

Throw in 1-3 more players for co-op hunting, and this thing is a kick in the pants!

If and when it comes to the PS3-- it will be awesome! Guaranteed. Even if it's not your bag-- there will be a strong following, I know it.

Threydor3366d ago

Please. Give it some more time. It's nothing like valhalla. It will give you experience you won't find in the other games, especially when played with friends. Happy new year. : )

Shnazzyone3365d ago

man, all the stuff i've seen seems to prove this might be an awesome wii rpg soon enough. I hope it has some good motion aspects to liven the game up. I'll be dissapointed if it's just GC controls with xbox1(or greater) grade graphics.

Still all the screens i've seen of MH3 shows some of the best graphics i've seen on wii. Can't wait.