Loot Ninja Review: SimCity (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Loot Ninja writes:

"Most of us can remember the days past when we played some of our favorite classic games for hours on end without any interruption from the outside world. SimCity was one of those games for me, so when I heard it was being made for the iPhone/iPod Touch, I just had to try it. The best part about games being brought back from the days of old is that it brings back all of those great feelings that we can associate with playing them. The worst part is sometimes the developers butcher your most beloved games and ruin the entire experience, past and present. SimCity is a fantastic recreation of the superb original with a few technical issues that just won't stop getting in the way of pure city building bliss."

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baum3400d ago

I hate wasting time adjusting the damned budget or losing a lot of money and/or inhabitants due to one small problem like Transit.

BigPete79783400d ago

I have been thinking about picking this up for my iPhone. Still not sure if it's worth it, though I do love some SimCity.

Theoneneo813400d ago

its worth it great game if it wasn't for the Retarded ifart app id guarantee you this would be the number one paid app in the app store now

Odie3398d ago

Budget system in this versions seems WAY more difficult to perfect than other SimCity versions I've played. I haven't had the crash scenario but my experience with the iPod touch in general is that memory management ( virtual memory to real memory ) is still not nearly as efficient as it may need to be. These devices don't have nearly the memory a computer does but we use them like a computer. So...Things get 'clogged' up real quick like.