Is this the future of videogaming?

Implanted audio and video? Video tattoos? Fullbody Wii's? First robot makes a child? These are all things that we could expect in the evolution of video games. But there are more changes, as you can see in the following image.

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Cajun Chicken3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

The day all videogames don't use handheld controllers, the day I stop gaming.

creeping judas3491d ago

There's a 4 series book by Tad Williams Called "Otherland" and in it they talk about how you play video games thru a neural glanular input. And on paper it sounds amazing. Will be neat to see where we progress in the next ten years!!!

fossilfern3491d ago

That pic ^ Sony did something simaler with the PS2 a good few years ago and they where like glasses that plugged into the PS2 and you could play them on these small LCD screens so its not like it hasnt been done before

kavkazip3490d ago

HMMMMMMM n4g you post this article but refuse to tell the world about all the zunes that froze today and fail to tell consumers about microsofts faulty hardware they sell but encourage it , sometimes you even force it on people and make them believe its their only choice . I hope you and the other large media outlets get put on trial and charged for spreading Proporganda and lies to consumers on a large scale.