OXM Preview: Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

OXM: "What could be more awesome than a game starring samurai cowgirls in bikinis? How about a game starring samurai cowgirls in bikinis who fight zombies. Onechanbara is probably the ultimate 'so bad it's good' experience.

The 'blood sisters' Aya and Saki are uncomplicated women. Engaging in gratuitous shower sequences is one of their hobbies, and slicing the undead into meaty chunks is the other. It's every teenage boy's fantasy...mine too."

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Hiruma Youchi3402d ago

I think they are bringing the Jap version over here. the game is kinda of old 2006 early 07.

Capt CHAOS3402d ago

Onechanbara: G-String Samurai Squad

Anyone else seen the screenshots.. But still if they need to go this far to sell a game, it's obviously aimed at the soft-porn market and not likely to appeal to the techen fans.. (just using it as an example) ;-)

LONEWOLF2313402d ago

Shouldnt this be Oneechanbara as in Older sister Bara.....???

Well anyways i know im picking this up!