XBox360 60GB 149 Euro in Germany

Germany Blog informs about a special offer of a german retailer in which the XBOX 360 PREMIUM is priced at amazing 149 Euro. The Offer is limited in time and amount of available XBoxes. The article is in german language but shows the advertisement of the retailer with the above mentioned price. The article also speculates about the reasons for the reduced price. One reason, the article says, might be to get rid of the old falcon boxes and to get space for the new jasper designs.

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pp3427d ago

knowone will buy because its rubbish

Capt CHAOS3427d ago

I'm surprised you managed to type in so many explanation marks..

Did you count them all or just go 'durgghhhhh', and fall asleep on your keyboard?

Capt CHAOS3427d ago

You could ship them over from Germany and make a fortune over in the UK..

Oh wait..
The euro =~ to the pound. There goes that theory.. Maybe to the states?

thetamer3427d ago

yeah, I can't believe that the Euro is so strong now. Time for the UK to drop the pound me htinks