Ernst & Young to use PS3 for virtual meetings

In an effort to cut costs and reduce carbon emissions, UK financial services businesses, including Ernst & Young, are to trial holding management conferences through Playstation 3's new virtual world Home.

The move is part of a project led by Dr Nipan Maniar and Manish Malik from Portsmouth University, which was commissioned by Advanced Workplace Associates and aims to explore how large companies can use virtual worlds to reduce costs on office space and travel, as well as their carbon footprints.

Other firms taking part in the project include Microsoft and Merrill Lynch.

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Nineball21123485d ago

So, Microsoft is part of this project that is using PS3's to hold conferences in Home!

That's just a bit ironic, eh?

Chubear3485d ago

... but all you see is "HOME IZ TEH FAILS!!!" everywhere yet EVERYONE is using it even those that claim they deleted it after 5 mins of "playing" it.

Notice how all these gaming sites that dogg on HOME repeatedly all are developing a HOME space? Yeah, HOME is dead but every time you log on you cna hardly get onto a chess, pool, bowling etc game cause it's always packed... but it's "failed" uh?

This FUD viral marketing from MS just won't work this time in this particular industry adn the fools that sheepishly follow them will always, and soon, get burnt as all others that have followed MS.

Le Idiotce3485d ago

See, when MS or more correctly the XBOX division says that HOME is ancient and sucks...they are LYING!

Only suckers aka xbots fall for that crap. Because everyone who is not a fanboy can see the innovation and the originality in HOME.

yoghurt3485d ago

Would microsoft really use a competitors machine for meetings...?

kharma453485d ago

No, they'd try to use one of their 'innovative' software products.

lociefer3485d ago

lol imagine some employee just dropped in the meeting , took out his bubble machine and started dancing in his underwear , that would be hillarious

Milky Joe3485d ago


"Jones? Who's that man dancing behind you?"
"Erm, that's the company CEO... He does that..."
"Fair enough. Anyway, after this, lets all dress like women and invade the Bowling Alley!"
"Sounds good to me!"

iceman29293484d ago

assuming sony is still losing money on every console sold, i think it would be a genious move by microsoft to purchase a ton of PS3s! just think, not only would they be getting machines that could be usefull not as a games system, but as a cheap but powerful PC/linux box, but they would also be sabotaging sony's console buisness by not purchassing software to make up for the losses incurred by the sale of the consoles!

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shadowghost7523485d ago

That is a great idea for companies, reducing costs and still getting the same effect it makes so much sense

Capt CHAOS3485d ago

You fire up a copy of LBP etc., and have a quick bash..

Chubear3485d ago

it's potential is off the chain. 6 months from now all the haters will look like complete fools and more so as the months and years go by.

shadowghost7523485d ago

I can imagine it now,

Microsoft exec to microsoft exec inside home: Now then, how can we rip this off?

Mr Microsoft3485d ago

Hey, Bill and I just like to play a bit of Icebreaker in the bowling alleys.

The meetings in Home are just an excuse!

illuminatus_V3485d ago

you can hold such meetings much cheeper in Second Life. Second, if you need video conferencing than the cheapest solution will be the use of Apple MacBooks or iMacs that comes all with a inbuilt camera and software soliution for video-conferencing up to 3 connections (maybe more?). To invest in PS3s is a dumb idea besides if the managemt would like to watch Blu Ray Movies oder play games!

chrisnick3485d ago

don't know about the second life thing.......but doesnt one macbook cost 1000+ ?

illuminatus_V3484d ago

Funny, I only got disagrees. Because I wrote something that isn't hyping Home ??? I don't get it.

Second Life has no cost, you can invest some real money to build your own building or island. Major companies did this already. Second Life is running on every Mac or PC with NO additional cost.

Macs. Ok they cost about $1K but if you need to invest in professional conferencing systems you will pay 20 to 100 times more per location. if you use Macs, then you are not bound to a specific location. And Ok, you are restricted how many participants are conferencing, but as my experience shows (Consultant IT Industry) most meetings (60%) are about 3 participants.

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