Mario & Sonic nears sales milestone

Despite being on retail shelves for over a year, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is still flying out of stores, with the popular title nearing the magical mark of two million in sales.

According to MCV, Sega has confirmed that sales currently stand at nearly 1.3 million on Wii and 460 000 on the Nintendo DS.

"Our aim is to hit two million by the end of 2008," Sega UK sales director John Clark told MCV. "Only Wii Play has more lifetime sales on Wii which tells its own story. And so far this year M&S has only been outsold on Wii by Wii Fit, Wii Play and Mario Kart Wii.

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Hal Emmerich3368d ago

Doesn't Sonic have an unfair advantage if he's at the olympics, I mean a fat plumber's hardly going to beat him at the 100M...

Elimin83368d ago

"Fat Plumber" you know you could have just said Mario. lol

TIKUP3368d ago

^^^^^^LMAO here, you just made my day ahaha! Also hasnt it taken longer than expected because the game on the wii has been out for a year and its only got 1.3 million!!!

Hal Emmerich3368d ago

Seriously though if this is just the UK sales, that's crazy...

Anyone know its worldwide sales?

Caxtus7503368d ago

I dont think it can be JUST the UK sales. Maybe Europes but not just the UK. That would mean pretty much EVERY Wii owner in the UK would have to buy it and even then the numbers are tight.

Axelay3367d ago

This sales are only for the uk.

Caxtus7503367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

really? wow! That is a pretty awesome achievement!

Im still not sure though - it doesnt say anywhere that it is just the UK sales. Just the guy is from the UK. That doesn't say anything. The article should be more clear.

Id love for it to be true - just im not sure our country is big enough. We only have around 60million people, so 1 in 30 is a pretty high statistic.

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CadDad3368d ago

Must be U.K. only. This game has sold a ton worldwide.


rhood0223368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

On why sales should not be used to define a game as "good," "great," or even as "high quality."

I give you "Exhibit A" Ladies and Gentlemen:

CadDad3368d ago

The kids and I had a blast playing it when we rented it. I'm certain that's why i still play have fun.

A game can be described as "good", "great", and also "high quality" by having fun playing it, regardless of anything and everything else.



rhood0223368d ago

I'm not saying it's not a fun game for some people. My wife and little girl weren't too fond of this game and they loved the Carnival Games mini golf, which I hated. Heck, I loved Advent Rising for the Xbox and it was universally panned across the boards.

But I did notice you said you rented it..

mega BIG time3368d ago

moonshoes remember those? i think they were made by nickelodeon.

yep thats how i feel about this

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