Role Reversal: GameStops Become Victims of Robbery

Kombo writes, "Police in Sacramento are seeing a developing trend of GameStops being robbed. With 5 armed robberies in the last 10 days, this is beginning to look like a spree of sorts. So if you live in Sacramento and were considering shopping at your local GameStop, I would reconsider, at least until these guys are caught. Hit the jump for the details of the case..."

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CrAppleton3489d ago

and they still aren't losing any money.. lol

bgrundman3489d ago

They have been robbing us blind for years. I guess it is time someone returned the favor.

HowarthsNJ3489d ago

It really shouldn't be.

The Funcoland/Gamestop near my old neighborhood was robbed and they killed every employee in the store.

Not funny.

doshey3489d ago

well most people would say this sucks, but sense they rob us, payback is a b!tch

Eiffel3489d ago

Karma is indeed a b!tch.

PotNoodle3489d ago

Gamestop employee's being scared half to death and in some cases murdered (Comment a few spaces up) because of doing what they're paid to do by their bosses?


Conquistador3489d ago

Oh dear, it appears that the scheming natives have indeed returned. And returned with a vengeance I might add. They rounded up all my men during the night and entered my private quarters. With my weapons a good ten feet away, I could do nothing but negotiate with them.

They took much of my treasures and my monstrosity communicating devise. What a loss! Many days of work and many natives were killed for those treasures. It would be a shame to have to start back over again.

But there is hope! I shall follow them stealthily back to their village and take my items back, negotiate a treat and then... burn the village down! Oh what a glorious plan!

Montrealien3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

wow, so I see a few teenagers thinking it`s ok to rob a store with a 12 gage shotgun because they feel that Gamespot robs them by being the middle men when said teenagers choose to go trade there games there. If you don`t want Gamespot to (Rob) you, cut the middle man and sell the game yourselfs, or are you to slow to understand the fundamentasls of business and capitalism? It`s all about choice, and it`s not a videogame trade-in store`s fault that you choose to hit your head on the wall and then cry that your head hurts.

on an unrelated note, am I the only one thats noticing the Guitar Hero bundles that don`t sell much? All the Ebgames I got to are littered with them.

KillaManiac3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Above comment is spot on...bubbles

If you don't want to be ripped don't trade your games to Gamestop/EB...simple as that!

OSIRUSSS3489d ago

True dat!!! Its known GS rips you off so either you take it or you don't. The closest GS to me is in one of the most Crime Ridden malls in my City. So much so that when I picked up my PS3 at launch. I put in a Suitcase just So I wouldn't get robbed in the Parking Lot.

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