50 Blu-ray movies every high-def fan must own

A Blu-ray player is for life, not just for Christmas. And that's why it's time to start building a decent collection of Blu-ray discs...

The great thing about Blu-ray players is that the vast majority of them can competently upscale DVD movies to near-HD. And that means that unless you have a particular penchant for a specific movie (sorry, Wild Things isn't out on Blu-ray yet), there's no real reason to urgently replace all your older DVD titles.

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Kotaku_Succs3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

DVD will be completely killed by Blu Ray in Europe and JApan

In USA too Blu Ray would be the format of choice by this time , next year

DD makes up 0.3% of total movies sales???

DD will never take off. It is something which is killed even before birth

gusto3486d ago

How long before downloads kill off Blu-ray?

zoydwheeler3486d ago

DVD will be superseded by downloads and widespread movie-on-demand services. Blu-ray will be a blip in our collective memory of long-forgotten formats (alongside Betamax, mini disc, UMD... etc)

Sorry. I love Blu-ray. I also love my PS3. But this is what is going to happen. Just look at the facts.

3486d ago
zoydwheeler3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Falling DVD sales are down to numerous factors - not *just* people moving across to Blu-ray or downloads - sales of relatively expensive physical discs are also affected by free or cheaper entertainment options elsewhere, from gaming, through to TV and the massive shift towards spending one's free time just surfing the web, spending time on online social networks, (illegally) downloading music and movies and porn... etc. etc.

3486d ago
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pp3486d ago

blu-ray is the best

Capt CHAOS3486d ago

wtf. I know it's holidays and all.. Still you're starting to amuse me.

So, blu-ray is the best is it? What? Better than money? Sex? Free food? Drugs?

Drugs.. I think you're getting them for free. That's for sure.

yoghurt3486d ago

It will be a long while (if ever) before downloads kill anything. Has music downloads killed the CD? no. People like to have something tangible for their money, whilst I will download somethings, such as PSN 'mini' games, I would never buy a downloadable movie, I like to have the disc and box thanks. I have itunes, but i still buy a CD and just burn it to itunes, there isn't enough value in downloading. Give me a new release HD film, in full 1080p HD and DTS-MA original soundtrack, legally for a few £ and I'll start listening, but I still like to have the film in my possession instead of something digital stored on my drive

zoydwheeler3486d ago

But the younger generation coming through - turning into (that awful word) 'consumers' in the next 5-10 years will not value physical media as much as their older siblings and parents did/do. I'm with Phil Harrison on this one.

3486d ago
Mr_Bun3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I'm surprised that Dark Knight wasn't on the list(especially considering it has sold more Blu-rays than any other movie), but I love Shoot 'em Up.

doshey3486d ago

im cant believe hair spray was put at number 3 but no sight of TDK

Narutone663486d ago

almost everybody interested already bought The Dark Knight Blu-ray movie by now. No need to put it on the list. I'm still waiting for it to be available in my region though.

kharma453486d ago

Good question. It looks just stunning on BD.

Tarasque3486d ago

Don't get me wrong i love TDK, i have watched like 5 times now. But the transfer to BluRay was subpar. Alot of movies look better on BluRay than TDK.

rogimusprime3486d ago

how could you put CLOVERFIELD on that list with TDK?!

but like the person above said...most fans already have it by now.

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