Famitsu weekly numbers ending 28th December ,2008 .

White Knight Chronicles (PS3) - 203K
Animal Crossing (Wii) - 168K
Kirby Superstar Ultra (DS) - 159K
Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP) - 157K
Wagamama Fasion: Gals Mode (DS) - 120K
Pokemon Platinum (DS) - 94K
Rhythm Heaven Gold (DS) - 93K
Phantasy Star 0 (DS) - 86K
Wii Fit (Wii) - 80K
Mario Kart (Wii) - 74K


DS+ 275,000
DSI - 218,000
DSLITE - 57,000
wii - 162,000
PSP -120,000
PS3 - 48,000
XBOX 360 - 13,000


White Knight Chronicles sales are for the first 3 days only

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TOO PAWNED3364d ago

WKC first on chart list! For new IP do debue on 1st place it is amazing!

shadowghost7523364d ago

Very good for a new ip, Sony should really look into buying Level 5, that way the games will be exclusive no matter what and it expands SONY's great first party selection of companies

Le Idiotce3364d ago

This further proves that PS3 is where its at.

WKC for the win.

Day one purchase.

xwabbit3364d ago

Yeah Le Idiotce we need to support this game

Kotaku_Succs3364d ago

had it got 9 from Famitsu then it would have sold 500k ist day

but anyway good numbers no doubt for a new ip

WKS will sell 500k lifetime though

The Killer3364d ago

202k in 3 days for a knew IP, but i was still expecting ps3 to sell much more than it did, well i guess the price cut is the only trick for them to try to increase sales, i mean games and advertising is here already, value and functionality and extras is here already whats left to increase sales?? i say $300 price cut!!

KillaManiac3364d ago

Great job on the new IP. I agree that Sony really does need to try to acquire Level 5 if its possible.

I hope we hear some kind of release window soon for NA/EU people who are waiting for a real good JRPG like WKC.

interrergator3363d ago

wats better its an rpg hope u get level 5 sony kuz level 5 is my only hope to get a rpg game on their system

IzKyD13313363d ago

Bu....bu...bu....Kotaku said it only sold 130K!

ThanatosDMC3363d ago

Guess, people are just waiting for JRPGs for the PS3 to start churning out.

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Kotaku_Succs3364d ago


had famitsu given it 8.5 /9 then it would have sold 500k . anyway good numbers no doubt

Sarcasm3364d ago

I don't trust Famitsu reviews anyway. Come on, Haze anybody?

IzKyD13313363d ago

They gave Last Remnant a 38/40.....suspicious much?

THC CELL3364d ago

great news for sony and wkc that means level 5 will stay exclusive

in ur face xbots i bet u had for for games like wkc lol
and other ps3 games

oh sorry thats all xbots and Ms can steal

Kotaku_Succs3364d ago

By february of next year when KZ2 is launched and SONY goes for a small price cut X360 will be completely dead in USA too

Drealmcc0y3364d ago

xbots arent stealing anything, they just play games while laughing at the PS3 fanboys getting all there worthwhile exclusives, that the PS3 fanboys bought a PS3 for and waited years for ROFLMAO

Le Idiotce3364d ago

Hahaha you know hyping worthless B games all year long and seeing them all fail, just proves how sad it is to be an xbot...

There are barely any games worth buying a 360 for and you xbots know it.

Ninja blade rofl.

Kotaku_Succs3364d ago

there is nt a single game on x360 that is worth buying since all are overrated and mega flop games

The only game on X360 is RROD and only americans purchase the crap product like x360.

no one else purchase s8it product like x360

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Omega43364d ago

I guess WKC didnt do too badly, but i was expecting PS3 hardware to be in at least the 60,000 range or better

TOO PAWNED3364d ago

Hard for new IP to sell hardware. besides it is still good jump from 39k previous week.

predator3364d ago

@two pawned - say that to Gears of IP yet shifted a load of 360's so you're statement is utter rubbish

Kotaku_Succs3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

so whats ur point

SO4 wont even move 20k x360s and by that time KZ2 will be in the market

so you should start worrying about your x360 in USA --the only place where it sells


Gears 2 didnt shift any x360 anywhere in Japan and europe. In USA x360 sells because its cheap - 150$ during Boxing holiday


1m lead an x360????????????

haha thats based on just 5 regions of EU . In spain, germany, italy and france PS3 has the lead. X360 has the lead in UK

PS3 has a 300k lead in the entire PAL region . In arab world i think PS3 has a 1.5m lead over x360 and it makes up 30% of total PAL sales

X360 is dead all over except USA. PS3 launched a year and a half after x360 in EU and overtook it in 9months . an x360 costs as low as 80 euro in europe. No x360 game ever charted in top 5 anywhere in EU except UK , AU and sweden

TOO PAWNED3364d ago

fanboy PREDATOR"

I said "hard for new IP", i didn't say impossible. It's just something that doesn't happen 9.5 out of 10 times. GOW was one game that had that impact and it only had that impact in USA.

Omega43364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Firstly, you remind me of someone called alexM i dont know why but you just do

Secondly, "well 360 is dead in Japan and europe" Yet it has a lead over the PS3 of over 1ml and continues to outsell it day in day out, what do you call alive then?

Thirdly, K2 what? Make an impact like R2 and LBP?

Fourthly, you do realize that 360 JRPGs have a higher attach rate than PS3 JRPGs right?

@ Kotaku_Succs ......again

Your definitely alexM no one else chats crap like that apart from him

Do you know what i THINK...the 360 has a 50ml lead over the PS3 in the Antarctic region and that counts towards 98% of the whole world so your vague 'arab' region means diddly :)

thor3364d ago


Killzone 2 is the game everyone has heard about. As far as I know, that's the game that got people interested in the PS3 all those years ago, and even those without PS3s are anticipating it. If it flops, it's game over. If it does well as I expect, it should push hardware. It won't be nearly on the level of Halo 3 but it should have very decent sales.

In PAL territories, the PS3 has outsold the 360 by quite a way for the year. In many European nations, the 360 is a way behind the PS3. The 360 has only gained ground recently since they dropped the price. I mean it's less than the cost of a couple of games.

If Sony don't drop the price of the PS3 (I don't expect them to do it soon), KZ2 will cause sales to boost over 360's briefly, then they will be back below. If the PS3 drops price later in the year, it can creep ahead again. But the 360 might also drop price. Though then it might cost less than a bacon sandwich.

tatotiburon3364d ago

(Put any hyped PS3 game here) is the game everyone has heard about. As far as I know, that's the game that got people interested in the PS3 all those years ago, and even those without PS3s are anticipating it.

That was all people said about LBP, Resistance 2 and all PS3 line up, and every single game fails so what makes K2 so different?, the game is outstanding, but i don't expect that K2 will do better than Resistance 2 in sales and especially push some consoles.

MegaMohsi3364d ago

Since when do sales = good game? How exactly did those games "fail"? Even in sales LBP has crossed 1.5 mln and Resistance is over 1. So where did it fail? Everyone knows the reason PS3's aren't selling is because of the high price.

thor3364d ago

Well I mean people haven't heard about Resistance 2, whereas my friend wanting to buy a PS3 asked if he should wait until KZ2 comes out to get one - I told him there's plenty of games out already. Just basing it on personal experience. KZ2 has the qualities that make a bestselling game - graphics, guns, "badassness". If I'm wrong, and KZ2 turns out great but nobody buys it, well I'm sure we'll hear no end from the Xbox camp.

0verdrive3363d ago

just wanted to point out

that i dont think that the gap between ps3 and xbox is 1m, but even if it is, you have to keep in mind that xbox has been on the market for 3 years, and ps3 has only been out for 1.5 years. as both of the user bases reach ~10m, i think its fair to say that although xbox is not dead in eu, ps3 definitely is dominating.

mint royale3363d ago

puts the 360 1million ahead so how the hell can you say the ps3 is dominating? Jees! Theres ALOT of misinterpretation on this site. Its not helped either by kotakusuccs/alex m/cahill/nasim either.

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theEnemy3364d ago

When will the Nintendo domination ends ?

Sarcasm3364d ago

When Jesus returns and see all his children waggling like idiots.

lonestarmt3364d ago

ok now this is gaming website. Lets try not to take ignorant and stupid shots at a religion.

FinalomegaS3364d ago

When Jesus Christ gets down and waggles also lol

Seriously it will end when the market is saturated and the wii is in every home... or people start hearing word of a wii2

Btw the sales for games aren't like NA in Japan, they have most of the sales in the first few days, now we wait and see if it has legs to keep selling or does it drop off the charts like most games.

doG_beLIEfs3364d ago

"Lets try not to take ignorant and stupid shots at a religion."

That's a good idea, why? Because religion on a DAILY basis takes stupid shots at itself, the only problem is PEOPLE DIE because of it.

See Gaza, Darfur, etc.

I will never understand why RELIGION holds a double standard when it comes to sarcasm. If one is comfortable and convinced that His particular manmade Invisible man in the sky is the right one...then why would it matter what someone else says?

By the way, everyone knows that His Noodlyness the Flying Spaghetti Monster IS THE ONE TRUE doG.


and may the Stripper Factory and the Beer Volcano guide you.

The gaming GOD3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Actually Devil May Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed sold better on the ps3 than the 360 in Europe. And Soul Calibur only barely sold better on the 360 in Europe

Yes I know, it's the wrong spot. But this is where they placed my comment. I don't know what is up with n4g lately

DaTruth3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

"My Invisible man in the sky can beat up your invisible man in the sky"
God is not a man and God is omnipresent, thus he exists everywhere, not just the sky. Also, man kills each other for every reason under the sun you can hardly blame God. Your comment fails on so many levels.

The man asked if we could not turn a conversation about games into Godbashing, why did you become so defensive. I personally lol'd at that joke by Sarcasm.

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