NJ: Best of '08: The Wii

Despite moving millions of systems, most gamers feel the Wii had some trouble attracting triple A, exclusive titles. But even the hardest critic would have to admit that the big releases for the system were worth the wait. Nintendo certainly knows how to give the fans what they want, as evidenced by big hits "Super Smash Brothers Brawl" and "Mario Kart Wii." But smaller titles such as "No More Heroes" and "de Blob" lacked the Nintendo name but delivered incredible experiences.

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dribnif3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Only two games are his top picks for Wii '08?

mastiffchild3399d ago

Yeah it was that kind of year for Ninty wasn't it? I'd say they were the best two(MNH and De Blob)from 3rd party devs myself. Only Boom Blox and Zack and Wiki were in the same class and Mario Kart Wii/SSBB were basically the only other decent games in 08. Wii fit was a marketing phenomena but they're used to that.
Thankfully 09 looks much better for the little white box with The Conduit, Madworld, S&P2, Punchout2!!, Deadly Creatures, Lostwinds2, Fatal Frame 4, Cursed Mountain, Sadness and a host of others making it far more palatable for gamers with a Wii. NMH2 and maybe a Zelda game wuld make things look very good for Ninty, imo. Hpefully they're starting to appease us core gamers while educating their new market to boot.I honestly pray for some Metroid news too seeing as all has been silence and we've also been promised a new Pikmin as well as the GC ports for "play it on Wii"(which if they bundle the first two MP games and add multiplayer online still could end up a winner)so I , at least hjave hope for Wii this year. PS3 exclusives still look the best by far rightr now though.