2009 Is The Year... Of Blizzard

Plenty of development companies out there make videogames on a yearly basis, and have hardcore fanbases to boot. However, not many developers out there are as dedicated to serving their fans' needs, and in such a quality manner, as Blizzard.

Their dedication, hard work, and growing fanbase is what keeps them alive and thriving. And 2009 looks to be only strengthening their already incredible place in the PC gaming world, and the technological world altogether.

With sequels to their biggest franchises in the cooker (StarCraft II, Diablo III, etc.), 2009 is already turning out to undoubtedly be.... The Year of Blizzard Entertainment.

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Cheeseknight283519d ago

If Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and a new WoW expansion all come out next year then next year will definitely be dominated by Blizzard.

But I don't think they'll get D3 out, unless SC2 comes out before May. Then D3 may be out in November.

ktchong3519d ago

StarCraft II will be three separate games. It will be a trilogy. Each game in the trilogy will be released and sold separately. Each game can be played separately on its own; in addition, the games also complement each other as expansion.

The first game will be called StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The second game is Heart of the Swarm. The last and final game is the Legacy of the Void

That's why StarCraft II is likely to arrive earlier than you think.

Cheeseknight283519d ago

Of course I knew that it split. However, given Blizzard's track record, that isn't going to change when it's coming out. They always take as long as they can so they can deliver the best product.

I'm pretty sure that the game was a trilogy from the moment they really cracked down on development anyway (Meaning immediately after WoW was released).

billez3519d ago

korea will go insane in 2009

3519d ago