Chet Faliszek chats about the future of Left 4 Dead

Kotuku writes:

"Valve's Chet Faliszek is one of the guys responsible for the dialog and writing in some of Valve's greatest games, like Left 4 Dead and Portal.

So when we invited him on for our Very Special Kotaku Christmas Podcast we had more important things to ask him about. Questions like, what's going on with Old Man Murray and, When are you going to update Old Man Murray again? Don't worry we eventually got around to talking about how one goes about delivering a story without any cut scenes and what Left 4 Dead addicts can expect from the next update to Left 4 Dead. And, yes, he answered everything."

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hulud863487d ago

This is a duplicate story and a little old.

Viewtiful3487d ago

And it says "Kotuku" lol.

Scubadude3487d ago

Maybe you should have asked him why (Valve) has screwed the Europeans by introducing a $= 1 euro pricing policy!!

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