Software Still The #1 Console Pusher

PSXExtreme writes:

"We are well aware of the year. We know it's not 1993. Back then, video game consoles played video games and nothing else. But now, over 15 years later, our game systems are full-fledged home entertainment units, capable of delivering everything from movies to music to picture and video content. Hence, there are plenty of factors to consider when evaluating sales charts in this new generation."

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she00win993521d ago

i author is implying that the games will always be the selling point of the console, then how can he explain about the wii's success. 90% of wii game are down right pathetic..

Harry1903521d ago

but to the 40 year old middle class housewife, Wii 'games' such as Wii Fit or Carnival Games are relevant. They are tapping a different audience.

It is also important to note than software and not hardware is the biggest source of profit for console manufacturers.

Xi3520d ago

can pretty much sell the wii to anyone who plays it, because it's about 30 min of fun... with friends, it gets stale when you're alone though.

Include it's child friendly catalogue and you've got a console parents will want to pick up for their kids 9 times out of 10.

In any case it's the games that are selling the wii.

ChickeyCantor3520d ago

Meh, people always put their selfish opinion into something and then say they don't get it.

Try looking it from a different perspective.

And you if you look at it that way...doesn't that mean the Ps3 and 360 have more pathetic games since those consoles aren't really sky-rocketing?

I hate to say this every time but : Before anyone goes fanboy crap on me, I have a PS3.