Sony to miss PS3 sales goal

by David Stellmack

"The latest reports are in and Sony will miss their self-imposed goal of moving 10 million PlayStation 3 consoles worldwide in the first fiscal year of release. Holiday sales of the PS3 were flat as we have reported previously, with both the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 beating the PS3 by a healthy margin.

According to our sources Sony remains very optimistic about the future of the console and is looking to close the quarter on a very strong note. With the margin in adoption rate widening, we are hearing that Sony will start to look at another price cut, as the company plans to slash the price of the PS3 by an amazing 35 percent, according to various reports".

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Kotaku_Succs3433d ago

PS3 sales have increased compared to what it was last year. Although PS3 is trailing slightly in USA its sales have increased by quite a margin in Japan and europe. SONY already said that it will reach its sales goal even if sales slow down

My god NAZISOFT and its viral marketing

happyface3432d ago

Sony is too poor to cut prices

this article is not well researched, ps3 is doing much worse than stated (holiday sales worse than 07 - omg yikes)

ReTarDedFisHy3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

doesn't know what he's talking about. The MANUFACTURING COST dropped by 35%, Sony doesn't plan to drop the cost of the PS3 by 35%...

Why did this get approved?

ultimolu3432d ago

happyface, do you have any idea of what you're talking about?

mint royale3432d ago

this figure was really low and showed sony were playing it safe after they heavily overestimated the sales they would get the year before.

But surely this isn't right and the ps3 will sell at least 10 million. Just checked vgchartz which is the best resource we have and the ps3 has sold 7.5 million consoles in this fiscal year. So with 3 months to go it has to sell 2.5 million to meet sony's target. Well its on course but as it has sold an average of 2.5 million per quarter with 1 quarter left. Problem is its the slowest quarter to come and we have just had the christmas quarter. Either way it will be close and not a disaster for sony at all as they will be close to what they said instead of miles away.

Saigon3432d ago

good write up, but you forget one thing that might drive the PS3 sales, matter of fact 4 things, KZ2, InFomous, Yakuza 3, and FF13 all come out with the last fiscal quater for Sony...I think those games will get to or pass 2.5mil

mint royale3432d ago

ff13 coming out in the next 3 months? Hmm i'm not sure about that! I'm not good on release dates but isnt KZ2 the only game you listed coming out before April 1st. Is Yazuka even confirmed as coming to the west?

In terms of increasing sales for the ps3 it is not so much the games as LBP and resistance 2 would have done the trick. Instead its the price. When that is cut significantly ps3 sales will rise significantly. A price cut won't come before April 1st as they have already showed their plan for sales to this point but after April 1st we will see what sony is planning for the rest of 09.

Agent VX3432d ago

Wow, can't even meet their relative small sales figure!!!

Looks like Sony is worse off than I thought!!!

Halochampian3432d ago

You seem to be the only one here that understands this stuff. People will automatically call the article bad if it says anything bad about the PS3.

The fact is that it probably wont make it to 10 million because this is the time of the year where systems sell less. The Holidays are the time where system sells rise.


KZ2 wont generate a mass amount of systems sold. It will sell some but not as much as Christmas.

zimain3431d ago

spot on mate the only reason the PS3 sales are low is price.

Don't throw that "yea we got better games next year" bs at us any more b'cus that don't sell consoles now... which is the point...

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swiftshot933433d ago

they wouldnt have it any other way.

SaberEdge3432d ago

Blah, blah, blah...big conspiracy against Sony...blah, blah, blah...

Come on guys, that's just naive.

Kotaku_Succs3433d ago

"PS3 by an amazing 35 percent"??????????

PS3 beats x360 in europe and other parts of the world. USA =? worldwide

SONY will reach its goal even if sales slow down in USA since SONY shipped a lot more ps3s than intial expectations in the previous months of 2008

mint royale3432d ago

The last official figures we had a weeks ago from gfk put the 360 1 million ahead.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3432d ago

Stop crying, everyone in the world knows Sony missed, even Sony.

Sonyfanclubpresident3432d ago

the new HD console king!

Guess I'll start a new account and call myself the MSfanclubpresident!

At least I can have some pride now.

earwax3432d ago

Ohhhhh Please Nasim......Tell us 1 more time how KZ2 (a game that is not even out yet) is the best looking game. You better PRAY that game is 8 or higher,it can get a 10 and wont move one extra PS3

earwax3432d ago

I love how you post under your 268 accounts just to agree with your sad a$$

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Kotaku_Succs3433d ago

some people are approving this??????????

happyface3432d ago

terrible ps3 sells make me sadface too :(


I wish people would stop posting negative ps3 news!

thebudgetgamer3432d ago

youe are a sad sad troll you bring nothing to the table.


Fowack3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

but isn't it sales

NickIni3432d ago


I notice that too. Is it some weird American spelling or something?

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Darkseider3433d ago

whatever these guys smoke before they write an article.

XXXCouture3432d ago

They're just inhaling the fumes of a RROD Xbox