IT Reviews : Sacred 2:Fallen Angel Review

IT Reviews writes "All is not well in the land of Ancaria. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is chronologically a prequel to the events of the first Sacred game and concerns the consequences of the angelic warriors of the Seraphim handing control of the mysterious and powerful T-Energy that has transformed the land over to the High Elves.

Factions and races opposed this and a war devastated Ancaria. Now the T-Energy itself seems out of control, causing mutations and evil to flourish as well as the good and beneficial. A new war is under way and you must choose the path of Light or Dark to fight for order or chaos"

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zornik3366d ago

This is the PC review and we know it's a good game.Question is......i want to play this on the X360.
I hope the X360 port is going to be good.....remember the X360 ports of Two worlds and Dark Messiah??????

SAiOSiN3366d ago

There are working on the Ps3 version and 360 version that's coming out early 2009.