Dr. David Walsh on Video Game Addiction

Depending on who you ask, the name Dr. David Walsh can mean a number of different things. According to his online biography at National Institute for Media and the Family (NIMF)– the non-profit organization he founded in 1996 - he is an psychologist, an educator, a family therapist, an author, a public speaker, a husband, and a father of three. To the mass media, he is an outspoken, reliable source on game violence. To journalists like myself, he is a the head of a prominent media watchdog group which releases an annual report card grading the video game industry. To the disbarred Florida attorney Jack Thompson, he is a corrupt yet charming individual whose methods are insufficient to keep violent games out of kids' hands. And to GamePolitics, the blog that watches Walsh, Thompson and the mass media like a hawk, he was a stalwart critic of violent video games who made a rather large mistake in accepting $50,000 from the Entertainment Software Association earlier this year, and whose credibility as watchdog has been in question ever since.

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