GameSpy's Game of the Year 2008

By Gamespy:

"There can be only one GameSpy Game of the Year! As part of this annual event we lock ourselves into a room and hash out the relative merits of the year's greatest games. Gameplay is our primary consideration, but we also try to look at the big picture: the writing, the art, the longevity of the game, and so on down the list of criteria until one game bubbles to the top. To be eligible, games had to be released between December 15th of last year and December 15th of this year. Who will take home the prize in 2008?"

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TheColbertinator3606d ago

I knew it! Gamespy was hyping Fallout 3 all year

GWAVE3606d ago

Glitches of War 2 doesn't belong on any GotY list. Period. The amount of glitches in that game is intolerable, both in single-player and in multiplayer. Plus, the glitches have STILL not been fixed. Unacceptable. If media outlets can single out SOCOM for having game-breaking glitches (and they should call SOCOM out for those glitches), then Gears 2 should not have been given a free pass.

Oh. But it's Gears. Who cares if it's glitchy? It's Gears. You kill people with chainsaws. It's Gears. AAA. It's AAA. AAA.

sukru3606d ago

Many people were satisfied with it, and I think that's what counts. The game may have glitches, yes every game can have them. As long as it's not breaking the experience (looking at alone in the dark), it's no big problem.

Agent VX3606d ago

Grabs popcorn and Rootbeer, puts feet on desk and sits down and awaits global meltdown from irate PS3 fanboys with glee. Sort of like the first comment, brilliant!!!

P.S. I also thought this top 10 list was one of the better ones out there.

thereapersson3606d ago

Of course you would, AgentVX - you're one of the most high-horse fanboys on this website. Anything you say goes, and you won't hesitate to call out fanboys with your own fanboyish behavior. How's living in a kettle treating you? I hear a pot just moved into the house next door...

Agent VX3606d ago

Hey, don't have a hate on for the prophet of truth, I just am his humble messenger.

Though I do have to admit I get a Pavlov's reaction when I see these kind of articles, 'wipes the chin'!!! ;-)

LeonSKennedy4Life3606d ago

No. It wasn't ohkay in Heavenly Sword, so it can't be ohkay in Gears of War 2.

Heavenly Sword was an amazing game with minor glitches that, in no way, weighed it down. It was also short.

Sounds a bit like Gears of War, doesn't it?

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ZackFair3606d ago

There's no doubt which console has the best exclusives this year.

Play b3yond.

thereapersson3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

The fact that Fallout 3 is number 1 on that list is a testament to how much fail it contains. That game, while chock-full of "cool sh1t" and having a somewhat immersive environment, takes everything that was engrossing about the previous Fallout games, and dumbs it down for the general masses. Then again, most gamers who are entering this generation, or who have only started gaming recently, are perfectly content with a dumbed-down, streamlined gaming experience.

And how Little Big Planet didn't make it into the top 3 is beyond me; hence, my above point is further enhanced.

@ the disagrees:

someone didn't like a dose of the truth, so they decide to disagree with me. This also shows they never played an ounce of the old Fallout games. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose...

Fallout 3 is full of bugs, stupid AI decisions and other shortcomings. Does that mean it's a terrible game? Hell no! The overall package is worth the price of admission, but to call it game of the year, when in reality it's a well-designed mod off of the Oblivion engine (an engine that in itself is inherently flawed), is ridiculous.

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