Crazy Mr.T Is At It Again

Good old Jack Thompson is up to his shenanigans again. Leaving us wondering what he's ranting about. God struck down Take-Two? Bad things happening to Christians means God loves them? Confused? We were too, take a look at the full conversation.

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CrAppleton3635d ago

Yeah.. this is really good stuff isn't it?

bgrundman3635d ago

Maybe if we ignore him he will just go away!

Bubble Buddy3635d ago

Sigh, I dunno who's worse, Soulja Boy or Jack. I guess Jack since Soulja Boy at least plays Video Games.

The gaming GOD3635d ago

But my wishes never come true. So I can only hope someone finds a new way to shut this man up

CrAppleton3635d ago

Like.. running him over?

bgrundman3635d ago

According to him, that sounds like the videogames are talking!

CrAppleton3635d ago

Yeah.. I guess you're right.. now God is going to come screw up my stocks.. There goes CrAppleton Inc.

bgrundman3635d ago

watch out, apparently he has friends in high places... high on something, that's for sure

ravinash3634d ago

so does this mean that if I because a born again Christen and pray the jack goes away for ever....will that make it happen?

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bgrundman3635d ago

I wish that he would just go back to the hole he crawled out of...

Conquistador3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Personal diary excerpt 23:

I have stumbled upon the devil's village today. A tribe of cannibals and savages that only seek one thing from me; my treasures. It appears that they do have a leader, despite being an unorganized and filthy bunch. He calls himself 'Jack Thompson.' What an ungodly creature this is. He speaks to me of his God striking down my very fortunes! Heaven forbid this blasphemy! His shamans seem to work evil magic, but their reasons for this evil are alien to me. I shall sleep in fear tonight...

bgrundman3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

That's odd... I didn't think that they would make loincloths small enough for good 'ol Whack o' Jacko... Here's to fighting off those evil savages!

Hilarious post @Conquistador, I got a good laugh out of it!

CrAppleton3635d ago

LMAO bubbles for you good sir.. bubbles for you..

Shmapanese3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

jack Thompson-"did i ever tell you ive ben struck by litghtnin 7 times?,once wen i was just spaming Take-2 with my religious preaching gospel" lol its a good movie BTW.

bgrundman3635d ago

I am just glad that he is showing his true colors so we don't have to bother discrediting him... he does a decent enough job of that on his own.

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