Gamedaily: Blu-ray Adoption Accelerating in Europe

Gamedaily writes, according to Futuresource, Blu-ray sales (both players and movies) have been on the rise in Europe and Sony's high-definition format is being adopted by consumers at a "far faster" pace than DVD did over a decade ago. Sales of Blu-ray players (not including millions of PS3s) are predicted to more than triple in 2009, reaching 2.5million units across Europe. Futuresource said that in its first three years, Blu-ray (including PS3 sales) has outsold DVD by about five times over the equivalent period.

With the release of more and more classic films and hot titles like The Dark Knight, Blu-ray is finally starting to make its presence felt. The data trackers at GfK reported that Blu-ray disc sales in Britain during November were up 165 percent over October, as 462,500 Blu-ray discs were purchased.

Furthermore, December data from the British Video Association (BVA), shows that The Dark Knight sold 513,000 units in one day with Blu-ray disc representing 21 percent of all discs sold. And in France, Blu-ray's share of the optical disc market is expected to double next year to six percent. For all of Europe, 6.5 million Blu-ray discs have been sold to date, which represents year-over-year growth of 320 percent.

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eagle213633d ago

"Futuresource said that in its first three years, Blu-ray (including PS3 sales) has outsold DVD by about five times over the equivalent period."

5 FREAKIN' TIMES more than DVD...

The Killer3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

thats the time the ps3 had its price cut to $400!!

i believe the ps3 cost somewhere near $300 right now! because that time ps3 had 90nm RSX and 65nm Cells, and the blue ray components was very expansive that time but now its much cheaper, i also believe during one year they managed to shrink the Cells and RSX even more and thats why i believe it cost ps3 near $300 if it was near $400 last year!!


i lost so many bubbles and i dont even know why, could u guys please bubble me up? thanks, i will bubble back!

TheFreak3633d ago

Europe is the continent that wants quality :)

Saint Sony3633d ago

...too bad PS3 is loosing "the ultimate blu-ray player" status. There's so many blu-ray players out there now, cheaper than PS3.

You can get 360 and blu-ray player with price of PS3.

Sarcasm3633d ago

"too bad PS3 is loosing "the ultimate blu-ray player" status."

Yeah it is. But once it's $299, it will reclaim that status.

SonyOwnsNextYear3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

ps3 FTW

UltimateIdiot9113633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Bubble up.

@Saint Sony
Why do such a thing? A basic arcade 360 and a stand alone bluray will cost the same as a PS3 but the cost to get a harddrive, wifi, and live will make it more costly.

Bubble Buddy3633d ago

Why so Serious Saint Sony :(

Itrguy0013633d ago

yeah sure....... PS3 also works a Gaming console, Media house, Web browsing, streaming of videos, online play, multiple free accounts, house pictures, house songs, insert tons of GB Hard Drives whenever you run out of room on that 80GB Hard drive for like $120 for a 500GB, message friends on PSN, connect to your PSP to upload games that u got from PSN, and tons of other stuff

Sarcasm3633d ago

Let's put a smile on that face in HD.

Oh wait, they cant. They're upscaling that smile.

macalatus3633d ago

@saint sony, forgot to add the price of another brand-new 360 should the old one gets the RROD.

whoelse3632d ago

Proof that the media image of Blu-ray is completly in accurate to how it actually is performing. Now if Sony cut the price of the PS3... BOOM HEADSHOT!

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rucky3633d ago

Gamedaily posting pro Blu Ray news?! They should fire his ass

eagle213633d ago

It makes companies not associated with the Blu-ray Disc Association (cough*microsoft*cough) extremely nervous and over 140 companies extremely happy. I hope those blog journalists wake-up and smell the Sony. With so many companies supporting Blu-ray it is impossible to stop it's growth. Blu-ray is everywhere you look these days.

L Ronald Hubbard3633d ago

But bu bu... Blu-Ray iz teh failing?!11?!

cliffbo3633d ago

waits for Blu-ray is doomed article to follow.... er.... is it there yet.... still waiting....

Genesis53633d ago

One just popped up in the pending section. Should be along any second now.

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