Top 25 Greatest Nintendo Games

What's number one? What didn't make the list? All these answers as GameDaily counts down Nintendo's greatest.

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Product3636d ago

Nice list.....A couple stand outs should have been higher though imo.

Shnazzyone3636d ago

excellent list. Should have expected mario 3 to be number 1. I hate countdowns with a next click for every number tho. Still a good comprehensive list. Glad brawl made the list. But where was double dash?

IzKyD13313636d ago

"I hate countdowns with a next click for every number tho"

Thats how sites get more individual page hits, yahoo is plagued with these

GWAVE3636d ago

Awwww. Where's Pikmin or Pikmin 2? Both of those games were fantastic and they were actually a fresh concept in the video game industry.

TheColbertinator3636d ago

I think that list needed Perfect Dark 64,Star Wars Rouge Squadron II,and Eternal Darkness

Voiceofreason3636d ago

Nintendo didnt make any of those games though.

TheColbertinator3636d ago

I know.They published them though just like they published Goldeneye 64 and Star Fox 64(both on the list might I add).So if Nintendo backed the games I mentioned,then they should be on the list

mastiffchild3635d ago

Would have hoped that we would have got a Metroid Prime as well as a Super Metroid in there(preferably MP3, imo)somewhere but it's one of GD's less useless lists.