GamesRadar: Quantum Theory Preview

Not one to develop exclusively for PS3 or work in the third-person shooter genre, Japanese developer Tecmo has simultaneously broken two of its traditions with Quantum Theory. Let's get the obvious out of the way, this looks like an art nouveau version of Xbox 360's cover-fire based Gears Of War. Not a bad thing. PS3 could do with a hulking, no-brainer blast. The big twist Quantum Theory brings to the pot is that the cover you'll be firing from will vanish as soon as it appears. The game's landscape will change in real time.

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supahbad3640d ago

it all sounds good but i think this game will be annoying and prolly flop in US and japan unless there is something really big missing they dont want to talk about yet

OGharryjoysticks3640d ago

Honestly this game looks a heck of a lot better than either of the exclusive games coming (Demon's Soul and Ninja Blade) from FROM SOFTWARE. I think it will be interesting to see Tecmo of all developers making a cover based 3rd person shooter. I just doubt it releases in 09 because when it was shown the developer said they were real early in development.

moblin3640d ago

Now I can play Gears of War on my PS3 lol
I'm really looking forward to this game though

liquidsnake3640d ago

Have to be convinced. Im really not in for mindless shooters. If this game is anything like Gears, then it's a no thanks for me.