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Submitted by doctorparadox 2596d ago | article

The State of the PlayStation 3: Should you buy Sony's black behemoth?

2009 is upon us, and video games are a bigger cultural phenomenon than ever. Are you looking to join the party? Is the high definition beast from the former champion the best choice for the upscale and savvy consumer, or is it too late for this underdog to catch on? (LittleBigPlanet, PS3)

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Mr_President_  +   2596d ago
Wow this is hilarious. Keep the articles coming 360 fanboys. Lmao XD
Nathan Drake  +   2596d ago
Unknown website?Check.

Questioning Ps3s value?Check.

Referring to an Article that has already been posted on N4G?Check.

Using VGchartz to further drive a flawed point?Check.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -

Alright determined FUD spreaders,time to approve this one :D
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ErcsYou  +   2596d ago
D@mn... theses " journalists" are fu@kin losing it... there is a reason that they are journalists and not financial advisors, or investors and it is because they don't even know what the fu@k they are talking about. I don't even feel like explaining this subject " again " so ill just go back to doing what journalists don't , playing some video games...
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BRACHATTACK  +   2595d ago
I reported this crap
jadenkorri  +   2595d ago
another waste of time

heres another website full of sh!t
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HDgamer  +   2595d ago
The article wants more traffic views.
SaiyanFury  +   2595d ago
Wow...another one. I swear everyone is saving all of their Sony/PS3/BR knocking for the end of the year. There's been no less than 5-6 of these articles on N4G in the last 10 hours. How many more can we get in before 2008 ends?
I_am_rushin  +   2595d ago
I also love how every random douche that blew his money on the 360 and sees the empty list of games for 2009, is now suddenly running his own website/blog and is an expert on marketing, economics, sales, etc.
Danja  +   2595d ago
N4G is the biggest PS3 fanboy site ?

I really would like to see someone say that again...cuz ..N4G is obviously the site where your guaranteed to see a new anti PS3 article hit front page every 2 hrs...

wow seems like N4G hasn't changed much since 2007...cuz it's still being run by 360 fanboys...
Mozilla89  +   2595d ago
When I first came here it really seemed to be all 360 then PS3 now back to 360. I think the site just kinda swings back and forth between the two.
madpuppy  +   2595d ago
FUD spreaders?!
C'mon Nate, are you a Linux user? :P
Darkseider  +   2596d ago
Damn looks like Gears 2 and Fable II have been played out and now they are all looking for Anti-PS3 articles. Well been fun today, leaving work and going home to play some LBP, Warhawk and R2 Co-op.
OuterHaven  +   2596d ago
The real question is how are the mods letting all these articles through?

We already know that PS3/Sony suck, fail, blow etc.etc.etc.
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MasFlowKiller  +   2596d ago
Why Would i but a PS3
is not like it has a great 08 lineup, and o9 is probably going to be the same, yeah some sport game ply better in the black box and sony makes the best baseball game so wat, OK to get the full FFXII story you need a ps3 but guess what i never like to Finnish my books do am ok with that, killzone 2 has the entire industry talking but talk it cheat, lol, no if you call ur self a real gamer you need both the ps3 and 360, ok so if you dont have one then get one
Mr Tretton  +   2595d ago
I_am_rushin  +   2595d ago
Mozilla89  +   2595d ago
I'm sorry
Are you saying you don't like Finnish books or you don't like to finish books and this is the reason you don't care that the previous FF games were on Sony platforms?
BrunoM  +   2596d ago
These is sad .... did any one see the name that aproved the story lol heheheh
Kush_Reaper  +   2596d ago
If killzone 2 is not an excuse to purchase a ps3 then i don't know what is. The game is gonna own so hard.

cliffbo  +   2596d ago
so it has no online a few quirky games... check library... it must be a different PS3
madpuppy  +   2595d ago
must be
the article obviously is talking about the
PolyStation 3.
chrisnick  +   2596d ago
seriously though
anyone who chooses anything else but the ps3 is either ignorant (unknowing parents) under serious peer pressure (everyone who bought one cuz his friends have one) or a person who thinks the wii's appeal lasts forever (little kids, parents, suckered in hardcores).......everyone else is just stupid.......i mean.....don't get me wrong, the choice is yours and u may do it for exclusives but anyone who buys a console that is so crappily made deserves swift kick in the I.Q.
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Mozilla89  +   2595d ago
I can't tell whether you're sarcastic or you're actually serious. I like my PS3 but that doesn't mean that everyone that buys a 360 is ignorant, it has a lot of good games as well. Just depends on your taste really.
xwabbit  +   2596d ago
I wonder y the mods don't do nothing about this. This site will be known as the PS3 hate fan base soon.
kwicksandz  +   2595d ago
it already has a well established name of the #1 360 hating website on the interwebs so i doubt it.
Hot_tea  +   2596d ago
FUD machine keeps rolling...
Keep em coming 360 losers. Ps3 is fine, and will continue to be just fine.
You know it, that's why you losers approve all these p1ss poor nothing articles from nothing websites.

Neoraf  +   2595d ago
Scared about the PS3 failure?
Why would they be?
Sony f***ed up, people are just reporting it.
You got to accept reality.
Conquistador  +   2595d ago
Fellow adventurers, bustle forth! Do not let the lies spread to you by my nemesis force your hand in fear! This machine is in fact the holy grail of my journeys! I have so far found one on my adventures, and what this machine from the future can accomplish is beyond belief. I shall make the rest of my days a journey to find more. Perhaps the locals know of an area...
TheColbertinator  +   2595d ago
lol Nasim,is that you?
Conquistador  +   2595d ago
Who is this Nasim you speak of, native? Is he perhaps your leader? Please, if he has a stockpile you must lead me to him. Perhaps your humble village will remain standing if you do...
TheColbertinator  +   2595d ago
Yup its Nasim XD

Nice username.Very creative
Conquistador  +   2595d ago
Now now, I am but a simple traveler of the worlds, a man of fame and fortune. I do not worship you gods, your kings, or your god-kings, native. Whichever one this Nasim is, I am not. You are free however, to treat me as one.
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TheMART  +   2595d ago
Now go piss off this guy in public, if its Nasim he'll give you a PM saying motherfuccer

psycho360  +   2595d ago
No not at all. Nasim could not even make sense in a sentence let alone speak a language of a pirate. Nasim's mother-tongue was swearing.
Stereojet  +   2595d ago
Jesus, the yanks have lost their f*cking minds!

Talk about damage control!!
dylandurden  +   2595d ago
So true.
trancefreak  +   2595d ago
Not all yanks :) its all sony in this pad.
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LinuxGuru  +   2595d ago
kewlkat007  +   2595d ago
Wait if you feel like a price-cut is coming
Buy if you wanna help Sony get closer to breaking even..

Don't forget games..they too need some luvin.
jro211  +   2595d ago
I love my PS3
So much so, I have two. I agree it's not for everyone but if you are tech savvy I think you will love the system. Say what you want about Blu-ray but I love it. Then again, I have a kick ass 52 inch screen and a good surround sound system to really get the most out of the technology. Say what you want about the Playstation; the numbers are deceiving in my opinion. This is a great machine for tech enthusiasts and hardcore gamers alike.
madpuppy  +   2595d ago
I Agree
Dvd's looked washed out on my 100" projection screen, having blu-ray in the PS3 really gave me the incentive to grab one. the bigger the screen the more you need Hi-Def.
beavis4play  +   2595d ago
has the name of this site been changed to "RIPONSONY.COM?
it sure seems like it.

attention contributors: I'D SURE LIKE SOME STORIES ON ACTUAL GAMES. how about it?
celldomceen1  +   2595d ago
yes /thread
Monkey521  +   2595d ago
:) +bubble for showing the insanity
Seriously, why do people approve these stories? I think after the first 50 PS3 hate articles, people would get tired of it. This has nothing to do with not being able to say anything negative against the PS3, it has its flaws. But even with its flaws, only so many articles can be put up without repeating the same crap over and over again.
Bubble Buddy  +   2595d ago
Thanks man. Back at you, I lost like two bubbles from saying Sony's catching up to Microsoft in terms of sales and games. Guess I Shouldn't post in Pro-360 articles even if it's the truth. -_-

+ I love monkeys :D
ICUP  +   2595d ago
This will get over 500 degree and over 100 comments.

PS3 fans or faboi should serous stop comments or post in this kind of story it just encourage more of this F U D.
No FanS Land  +   2595d ago
Man what's wrong with society recently? everybody becoming journalists and crawling form everywhere ever since the CNN titanic blowout.

Stick to gaming, seriously.
ForROME  +   2595d ago
WOW, I swear you cant post anything negetive about anything these days without being hung, you cant post anything positive without being hung, so with that being said, Journalist dont care because they have no choice not to care.

My Take

PS3= SONY Fudged, albeit to me its a great machine to the casual walk in a store person? No. Here is why, one visual appeal is everything in a PS3 ile is black and with clear game cases it seems boring, do I care no because I know what Im looking at. Then you turn a corner and your looking at Neon green and white bright, which coinsides with the marketing MS does which I hardly ever see PS3 commericials a question i still ask my self. What happned to the team that started URNOTRE (you are not ready PS1 ads)

Next, developers, SONY dont be arrogant anymore your not number 1, kiss some ass pay some cash do what it takes get your status back, you are a kick ass compnay you can do it.

XMB is boring, music player rocks, the little arrows loading is kinda cheesy why does it need to always sync? Just feels a bit behind. Web browser rocks, KZ2 looks bad a$$

Price and Marketing to me are SONYs only real prob no doubt 299 is needed and needed now, Hardcore argument, "No it does not need a price cut its worth every penny" great glad you see it that way, obviously others (average consumers) arent you and dont see it that way.

299 and get a Year ROUND marketing going on not some xmas campaign and then slow up again.

Xbox360= Disc drive is cheesy, NXE rocks the house, the new system is quiet, and it runs cool, DVD noise is way to loud and unacceptable this was heard and commented from a new Jasper I tried)

RROD is the reason you arent stomping SONY. MS you would have had a 10mil lead.

No USB file transfer? Your MS and I cant transfer files off the USB LAAAMMMEEEE. Marketing is great keep it up, Price is great, obviously, visual appeal is nice and bright. Games, well with GOW and Fable out, hope you have some suprises SONY is about to bring the hammer. With no wifi and 50 dollar online fee, good luck.

If I had to grade it

Xbox360= 87 out of 100
Worst thing=RROD
Best thing= Price\Online Exp

PS3 79 out of 100
Worst= Price
Best= Quality Hardware

Winner thus far, obviously 360 as far as overall console (wii is sales but not the best IMO)

Curious to see how it turns out next yr, good time to be a Gamer!
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Bubble Buddy  +   2595d ago
Actually, my cousin bought a 360 and had to buy

Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle ($300)
Wi-fi ($70)
XBL ($60 in Canada)

Add it all up and it's basically the same as a PS3. >.>

PS3 ($400)
Bluetooth headset ($20)
HDMI Cables ($10 at Toys R Us :D)

The difference is Microsfot is sly enough to separate the items so the average Joe doesn't know he needs to buy Wi-fi if he doesn't use wired or to pay for online if he plays online.
#22.1 (Edited 2595d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Dannagar  +   2595d ago
@Bubble Buddy

I think it's been well established that the PS3 is a fantastic deal in terms of what you get for your buck. I think it's one of the reasons Sony's struggling at the moment. A large percentage of a companies revenues is based on the sales of accessories. In the past, it would be a memory card, and an extra controller. Microsoft makes tons of extra money off of XBL, WiFi adapters, HDD, Battery PKs, etc... Where as Sony is giving away everything for free. It's great for gamers but not a fantastic way to run a company. This is why Sony's struggling.
#22.2 (Edited 2595d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MerkinMax  +   2595d ago
Spot on. I have been trying to explain this to people for the longest time. PS3 is more because you get more. The Arcade 360 is so cheap because all it can do is play games. I bet Sony could easily cut the cost of the PS3 by 150 to 200 if they removed the HDD, took out Blu Ray, removed built in wireless and Bluetooth, and took out the HDMI port.
Dark General  +   2595d ago
It's an interesting article that hits on some interesting points. But the context of which things were looked at is rather... Interesting. Just an interesting fact here. In the Sega Genesis's history it sold 29 million lifetime sales, the SNES sold 49 million lifetime sales. No one calls the Genesis a failure though now do they. Some games didn't look as good on Genesis as SNES etc but the games were still fun. Genesis's exclusive games were just as fun as SNES exclusive games. When all was said and done the SNES won but no one would have guessed it was by that big of a margin.

Just saying.
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GWAVE  +   2595d ago
So sad. Let's let the sales speak for themselves: Blu Ray on the rise; developers making more profit on the PS3; PS3 selling better in its first two years than the 360's first two years.

These so-called "journalists" have to keep convincing themselves that the PS3 is doomed. I know that Microsoft loves to buy out the competition and monopolize industries, but I hadn't realized that Microsoft was able to brainwash their consumers into wanting the same thing.
evrfighter  +   2595d ago
if you guys are looking into the comments of these articles. You'll notice that there are hardly any 360 fans posting at all.

Seriously you guys are making these kinds of articles the hot topic. Why continue to drive the popularity of these kinds of articles by commenting in them?
bviperz  +   2595d ago
I can't wait
to see what the articles will say December of NEXT year!
titlesaysitall  +   2595d ago
I shudder to think of mankind's future after read these comments
After reading a good many comments I have arrived at the conclusion that most of these posters were the prime influence of birth control's creation. If any of you had the capacity to read past the first few sentences, you would've realized that the author stated what the PS3 has been through, dismal sales when compared to other consoles during peek buying periods and other hardships Sony had to endure in selling the PS3. Sadly, that would've required too much brain power which of course could have been better spent thinking of the next best way to chainsaw a monster to death for the fifteenth time in Gears of War. Read on and you might find your opinions changed but your vicious fanboyism will always cloud your judgment. Spoiler: he compares the PS3 to other consoles and states the pros and cons which is neutral at the very least.
Dannagar  +   2595d ago
Everyone see's things different. There's been a bombardment of negative PS3 articles ever since Black Friday. I think PS3 owners are very defensive right now. This article wasn't negative to me. It's very neutral as you've mentioned.

I think PS3 owners should be happy with their system despite it's treatment within the media and it's position in terms of user base. Sony isn't going to abandon the system. Third parties are still making games for it.
ZILLA  +   2595d ago
this is the single GREATEST product i ever does everything i want and it is the hub of my family entertainment.PLAY B3YOND!!!
Omega Zues  +   2595d ago
For gaming "journalists" is just a fancy word for "blog".

Look at the Yahoo page. I seriously question what the heck those guys are smoking. They have to be desperate for hits.
h8er  +   2595d ago
Listen to you bunch of cry babies!!! "WAAAHH WAAAHH They put down my PS3!! WAAAAHHHH!!!!!" <whining> I reported this as not news!" whatever...."The ps3 games rule!! Wait till this, wait till that!" yeah, by that time, the wii and the 360 will have increased their install base, and PS3 will fall further behind. Great plan guys! Wait for this, wait for that! Face reality!!!! the PS3 is in 3rd, and its not going up or down. Even with all these exclusive games! They are not for everyone! only the die-hard supporters will buy those, even if they suck! the only reason why sales of PS3 was high, and games aren't selling is because it's a BLURAY player. That's all it is. Stop being in denial, and face the truth, this gen is over. 1st. Wii 2nd. 360 3rd. PS3.
#30 (Edited 2595d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
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