How to Run Windows 7 and Your Old OS on the Same Computer

With all the news about Windows 7 beta 1 leaking onto the torrent trackers, The technicist figured it was time to writeup a Windows 7 netbook install guide. They just installed beta 1 on their HP Mini (deleted the old build 6956 partition), and will update you on how it runs.

What you need
Windows 7 beta 1 DVD image (Google search it)
minimum 4GB USB drive (I used a 120GB Western Digital Passport)
optional: a second flash drive to run GParted

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Zhuk3637d ago

Yet another high quaity Windows release that is going to change my life with its innovative and award winning features and its increases in productivity.

I can't wait to get my hands on this release of Windows, I hope they release an ultimate edition so I can purchase it.

3637d ago
XGRaViSmOrSX3637d ago

i installed it last night on an old vaio i had laying around.

its vista that hogs far less resources at idle. it actually ran fairly well on the vaio with only 512 mb of ram

Proxy3637d ago


Yes, I'm quite sure that's what you said?

But is that what you meant?

ind13636d ago

No, he said that its like vista but uses less resources.

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uie4rhig3637d ago

i like it.. its what vista should have been.. its fast, uses less resources etc etc.. i am going to switch straight away to win7 (genuine or not) when its out..

Sgt_Bon3head3637d ago

Agree with you man. I have dual booted my laptop, its running Vista and Windows 7. Installation of Windows 7 took me about 20 minutes. The interface is really slick and nice. It outperforms Vista and XP SP3 IMO. Its ultra responsive and fast! And the good this is that i did not have to set up dual boot...Win7 automatically did it without me even realising it till i restarted my notebook. I will definitely get Windows 7. Hopefully it will be cheap enough for me to buy it. Cant wait, the excitement is killing me. But again, Vista SP2. Heard that is boosts Vista's performace much aking to Win7's.

Kakkoii3636d ago

Yep, I completely agree. It's running faster than a full updated XP SP3 even.

The only real thing holding me back is all the useless reworking of the file system/layout. XP's is the peak of efficiency, they went and tried to fix something that wasn't broken, and that pisses me off. It's not an improvement, just a change -_-.

Hopefully there will be an XP type skin in the future so I can get the old XP feel, while still getting the awesomeness of Windows 7 performance and DirectX 11.