Sony's Solution: Sell A Cripple Version Of The PlayStation 3?

With Sony currently stuck in third place in the console wars, it seems like everyone and their mothers are coming with ideas on how the company can sell more PlayStation 3 consoles. The latest wacky idea comes from GigaOm's Wagner James Au. In order to raise the installed base of the PS3, Au believes that Sony should make a cheaper, Internet-driven device that does not have a Blu-ray player.

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PirateThom3633d ago

Yeah, then it couldn't play games.

Great solution!

jadenkorri3633d ago

i love the intelligence of a 360 fanboy...take out the blu ray player, thats right i say do it, cause then every 360 fanboy can come our and say, the ps3 HAS NO GAMES, and be absolutly right....dumbass failure...

morganfell3633d ago

Thankfully it isn't Sony's solution but rather the solution of someone that has no business attempting to formulate a solution for a non-existent issue.

SaiyanFury3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Agreed, a triumph of ideas. An internet driven connection, basically meaning digital downloading. Again, it comes back to the simple fact that very few people have connection speed that's fast enough. If I want to play Metal Gear Solid 4 on a Blu-ray disc, I can play it now. If I had to get it though DD I'd be waiting about 3 weeks. My best connection speed is 1.5mbps and it takes me at least that long to download 50GB. On top of not being able to access games at your will, many ISPs throttle bandwidth and would be fast to either cut back your connection speed, or you're going to be paying heavy overage charges for downloading beyond your cap. The idea of an internet-driven console isn't a bad one, but unfortunately infrastructure as of right now, doesn't allow for it. I'll stick with Blu-ray for now thanks, even if it ups the price a tad.

Genesis53633d ago

OK. Now these stories are just getting retarded.

BrianC62343633d ago

I thought people want Sony to drop the price to $299 and bring back PS2 compatibility. And now even throw in their official Bluetooth headset. Did I miss anything? Oh, yeah, and include an HDMI cable.

3633d ago
CobraKai3633d ago

I'm pretty sure multiplatform games built for the Xbox 360's dvd drive would play fine. As long as you don't wanna play PS3 exclusives, your good to go.

Mozilla893633d ago

You totally defeated yourself by looking up and writing down all of morganfell's recent posting history. Don't be a creeper man.

hay3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

I rotfl'ed :D

I think Sony would reduce their loss selling the PS3 without Cell. Still rotfling.

Ju3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

ROFL. I almost fell off my chair here. "Then it wouldn't play games". How true, how true.

While I am amazed how far positive reinforcement has come, I think not every monkey should learn to type.

I have even a better suggestion. To not produce any costs, just don't produce anything. How about that ?

Kratos Spartan3633d ago

1.5 mbps? I go through Comcast and I've got a 6 mbps internet, and their fastest is 8 mbps. Where are you from? Anyone else?

Enigma_20993633d ago

... that was the whole point of that backhanded suggestion... if it can't play any PS3 games, then no one will buy PS3s anymore, and we can finally convince them that they should only buy 360s...

kinda retarded, actually.

SonyOwnsNextYear3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

who let out all the rabid 360 fans from their respective cages? It has been nothing but an abundance of antips3 stories and its all due to them and their hatred towards sony, bluray and how worried they are of KILLZONE2.

i expected this onslaught form them, what else are they gonna do while the 360 is in the rrod refurnace shop....*refurbished*.lol

bublles to all.

UnSelf3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

GREAT!! Then i can finally play crippled ps3 games such as:

Charted: Drakes Allowance (instead of Uncharted)
Extra Medium Continent (instead of LBP)
Injured Area 2 (instead of K2)
Screwdriver and Thonk: Tools of Minor Inconviences (instead of RAC:TOD
FairyTale (instead of Folklore)
Stardirt SD (instead of Stardust HD)
Whisperchrome (instead of ehochrome)
Unallowed: Fall of a couple people (instead of Resistance:FOM)
Unallowed 2 (instead of r2)
Plastic Gear Liquid: Rise of the Republicans (instead of MGS4)
Light Drizzle (instead of Heavy Rain) or
Unimportant (instead of Infamous)

(end sarcasm and faceplams)

Danja3632d ago

PS3 with no Blu Ray..? lol

but to be honest...guys atleast we could still download full games can the 360 do that..? lol

phosphor1123632d ago

N4G would lose 95% of its articles and users.

kwicksandz3632d ago

They already crippled it by introducing the gimped 40gbs. They need to go about reducing production costs while re introducing the features the original 60gbs had.

EastCoastSB3632d ago

Bubbles to you, that was funny.

GIJeff3632d ago

I too have comcast. But don't be fooled by comcast's download speeds. I'd rather game on dedicated DSL any day. My pings are not only slower than my old DSL connection, but it's really unstable too. My DSL was 3mbs, where my comcast is 8 with "speed burst" which essentially steals local bandwidth from neighbors momentarily to download large files. Only problem is, they steal mine too. Dedicated for the win.

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ultimolu3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

...*headdesks repeatedly*
They can't be serious...

creeping judas: How many times must we hear the doom and gloom articles...and people acting as if they know what Sony should do? Let Sony run Sony and stop with this sh*t already!

creeping judas3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

"...*headdesks repeatedly* "

is that something new??

Utimolu, I was only refering to you remark of "headdesks repeatedly" I think you meant to say something different?

And yes I agree.

jadenkorri3633d ago

its very hard to think and understand one, so don't bother...

Mozilla893633d ago

The author of the article says its a stupid idea himself. He's just writing about some other hater's article.


didnt want to read the article but from looking at the headline there already is a crippled version of the PS3 and thats the Xbox 360 people are so dumb

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Nathan Drake3633d ago

That's a fantastic idea!And in order to play the games,all he'll need to do is buy a Ps3 that has a BluRay drive!

GIJeff3632d ago

is Au the source of all knowledge?

GWAVE3633d ago

So, they should imitate Microsoft's "brilliant" Arcade unit concept? Great for naive middle-schoolers who aspire to nothing higher than to play Halo 3 online and use "bad words" against their opponents. Lame for quality-conscious consumers who buy the PS3 knowing they're getting a top-grade product.

soxfan20053633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Pretty ignorant comment. The Xbox 360 Arcade plays EVERY 360 game right out of the box. A hard drive is not required to play 360 games. It is simply not backwards compatible due to lack of a hard drive (which can be bought for $30 anyways). The 360 Arcade is positioned as a perfect upgrade for current PS2 players. PS2 players do not care about a hard drive, nor do they care about wireless online because PS2 has neither. They just want to play games, and have enough memory to save games. Hardcore gamers who want the full experience of either system have already upgraded by now. Casual players who still primarily play PS2 and want to upgrade inexpensively, while still enjoying the full selection of new games, are the target of the 360 Arcade.

GWAVE3633d ago

No true gamer would buy an Arcade, and that's my point. An Arcade unit is great for a kid who doesn't know much about video games, but for gamers searching for quality, the Arcade is a rip-off.

And since the Arcade dropped in price, sales reports have shown that the Pro is still the top-selling bundle, not the Arcade. You can preach it all you want, but Microsoft has a long way to go before they cut into the PS2 crowd.

soxfan20053633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

So, a system that plays EVERY game is only for someone who knows nothing about games, and is not for a "true" gamer? Who decides who is a true gamer - you? I guess the millions of people still buying and playing PS2's are not true games since they don't have a hard drive either.

Anon19743632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Sure the 360 Arcade is somewhat limited - but it still plays every single 360 game out there and it's priced to move. I think the PS3 is the best bang for your buck in terms of being the complete package and will be the longterm best choice currently but you can't go wrong with a 360 arcade if all you want is games....period. No Arcade titles, no DLC, just games. For the gamer on a budget, assuming that the new units have solved rrod, the 360 Arcade is hands down the best choice.
That's what a "true" gamer would do if his funds were limited. Either that or pick up a PS2 and take advantage of the thousands of titles available for it. Hell, one of the best games of 2007 was God of War II, and it put a lot of the "next gen" games to shame graphically.

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