GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards 2008: Biggest Surprise

Which story shocked us stupid?

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gijose3637d ago

Final Fantasy XIII on xbox 360 is the biggest surprise...

sucky move for sony fanboys, but it's the only move that made financial sense

Nathan Drake3637d ago

That's why they,Square Enix,announced that the game will remain exclusive to the Ps3 in the region where the Xbox 360 needs the game the most.

Johnny Cullen3637d ago

To the dude who reported it as a dupe (cant post an other report because I am banned from reporting because of thinking the bad PS3 articles are spam): It is not a dupe.

Biggest Surprise and Best News Story are different things so please withdrawl your report please.

James Vanderbeek3637d ago

KILLZONE 2... i know the game doesnt come out until feb but damn did it deliver graphics like the target video shown at e3 or what.. i cant believe the game looks this good and this is my most anticapated game ever.. its my biggest surprise because everyone doubted that killzone 2 will look anything like the target video but a lot of gaming site are saying the actual game looks better.. now thats something to be surprised about..

I could careless if final fantasy is going to the 360.. its a shocker but not a surprise.. and who really cares both ps3 and 360 are still getting the game..

blockhead17003637d ago

I figured the announcing of Dragon Quest 10 for the wii would be one

Alcon3637d ago

what's the point of this award??? I don't get it. It's as if those gaming sites are competing with each other to see who will have the most stupid awards to give (just like this one