Microsoft's Exclusives For 2009

2009 is a rather difficult year as far as Microsoft is concerned, apart from the Halo jing bang lot, the 360 exactly does not have anything specifically to boast about. Alan Wake still seems like a ruptured dream and although numerous hints have been dropped on Killer Instinct III hitting the 360 no concrete information is still available. The only big exclusive that we know that's hitting the 360 is "Lost and Damned" expansion pack from GTA IV. The only way out of this hot chicken soup consisting of Sony's stellar lineup is trying to trace the announced games available exclusively on the 360 platform.

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ravinshield3635d ago

why u calling the ps3 crap

Kotaku_Succs3634d ago

absolutely 0 game

On the other hand KZ2 alone is greater than XFIX ME's entire gaming library

gijose3635d ago

nothing's been announced yet. can't say i'm completely NOT worried, but I think there are at least a few games MS hasn't shown off yet.

281219863635d ago

for the rare game looks pretty good

ape0073635d ago

max payen 2 was awesome

splinter cell:chaos theory was amazing

I really wish that alan wake and convection turn out amazing cause I loved their old games

max payen-alan wake,from remedy

chaos theory-convection,from ubi montrial

ms,don't disappoint me like halo 3(my opinion,don't jump on me please).please ms

Mr_President_3635d ago

ninja blade - from software has never made a AAA game
star ocean 4 - a game that 360 fanboys are desperately trying to compare to FF and DQ
halo wars - RTS games have yet to succeed on consoles
alan wake - also on PC

09's going to be boring if you own a 360

airheadluffy3635d ago

theres a soulja boy game thats supposed to be released exclusively for the 360 in 2009. soulja boy confirmed it himself.

ape0073635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

[email protected] alan wake also on pc

does it makes you happy that it's not only on 360

president,do you have all your multiplats on pc?

on pc excuse is a pathatic one and a quick fix to headache caused by the"only on 360" logo

you pay for games for windows which owned by ms(lol,of course)

if you pay for 360 or pc,your money will go to ms

Im not a fanboy,I love myy ps3,I know it will totally own in 2009(mark my words)

Mr_President_3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

of course i'm happy that theres a PC version because that means I can play it xD. i have already given M$ hundreds for vista, xp, me, win98, etc. why should i give them even more when i don't have to? PC gaming FTW

P.S. yes i own L4D, ME, GeoW, Halo 2 all on my PC :)
and i'll be picking up GeoW2, Fable 2, and Alan Wake next year :)

there is absolutely no reason for me to waste money on a 360

thewhoopimen3634d ago

I'd like to know where from where. MS has rare and lionhead. ensemble is gone. I would think both rare and lionhead are currently tapped out. Bungie is making a halo expansion and rts. What other studio does MS have?

SixZeroFour3634d ago

anyone knwo when is APB coming is for the 360 and pc right?

that is one game that i know i definately wanna check out

NaiNaiNai3634d ago

@ Mr_President_

well for Ninja blade, you must not have played the demo, i hate alot of action games, but this demo alone was amazing, and i personally found it better then NG1&2.

and if you saying SO4 isnt anything compaired to FF you never played SO3, and im not talking compairing it to now, but playing it when it came out. it was a amazing game, so amazing that i decided to pick up a ps2 and buy that along with several other rpgs again. so stop with the damn SO4 is going to be crap cause. A. its on the 360. and B. cause M$ fanboys support how good its going to be. im tired of all these pissed of sony fanboy going, boycott SE because they went multiplat. i see why they dont want to make games on the ps3, cause all the fanboys ever do is bash there company and games. maybe SO4 would go multiplat if you guys where nicer to the company.

ape0073634d ago

if that's the case then I apologize to you.sry

barom3634d ago

Actually at the end of last year we knew Fable 2 were coming, we knew Ninja Gaiden 2 was coming (TGS announcement), Too Human, Banjo Kazooie and Infinite Undiscovery as well. Halo Wars (and to some degree Alan Wake) was scheduled for 08 release.. The only titles to be announced in 08 and come out in 08 was probably Gears 2 and Tales Of Vesperia. Oh and I guess all the casual games were announced at E3 08 if anyone cares.

Of course this doesn't mean anything I'm just implying that the future of 08 looked good a lot earlier than 09. 360 can still do well if Mass Effect 2 and a new Bungie game gets announced.

gaffyh3634d ago

v4vg is basically bruceongames

Argento-Nox3634d ago

@1.9 Nainainai

Have you played SO1 or SO2? It's the common consensus that SO3 was the worst one (I know b/c I've played and own all 3).

I won't go so far as to say SO4 won't be good, b/c I actually want to play it, but it's pretty much assured it's no FF game, play wise or sales wise.

Don't expect S04 to be the savior of the 360 in Japan either, b/c when the FF games come out exclusive to the PS3 there, SO4 will look like a drop in a water bucket. When the FF games come out, I highly doubt MS will have too many exclusive RPG's from that point on.

NaiNaiNai3634d ago

FYI i played the first one, and i hated it, i only gave the 3rd one a try cause a friend said it was good, and sure enough it was, so before you go mouthing off about saying its the worst game in the series, there are fans that find it to be the best. so keep that in mind when you try to state a "fact"

and who said anything about the game being a savior of the 360 in japan, your just spewing sony fanboy BS in that statement, i never said it would do such a thing, and to tell the truth, FF8 was the last good FF in the series, X was so horrible why, everyone was either dead or dieing, and to many random battles. as for 12 it was good, but not well received by many fans, heck it actually cost less then X or X-2 in the bargain ben, in SO3 is worth more, why its a better game. so to me FF is going down fast. SE isn't but there flag ship is and they know it, thats why they are trying new IP's out, but a sonyfanboy wouldn't know that now would he.

Legion3633d ago

It's a BLOG!!! by nobody important with miss spelled words and inacurate rantings. Why again was this news worthy? STOP posting blogs on N4G. This site is getting stupid... (getting???)

Argento-Nox3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )


For someone who isn't a fan of Star Ocean as a whole, why do you keep bringing up SO4? You mention SO3 being so great as being justification for SO4 being a great future game. How do you know how good it is, if you haven't played it yet?

Do you actually think the support for 360 rpg's as a whole will supercede a FF game for sales support? You mention FF8 being the last good FF game to you, yet you hate FF-X? If that's the case what exactly are you basing how good SO4 on?

Final Fantasy Dissidia just came out to nearly 500k units sold and your telling me it's going down fast?

FYI, I'm not a Sony fanboy for that matter, considering the 1st game system I got this gen was a DS lite than a psp.

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GWAVE3635d ago

It's hard to be excited about the 360 when 75% of those titles haven't been officially confirmed for 2009. If the biggest confirmed titles are GTA4 DLC, a Halo RTS, and a $30 Halo spin-off, I'll pass.

And the whole "uuh, Microsoft just hasn't ANNOUNCED anything yet! Just wait and see!" is entirely lame. What was that ONE game that Microsoft didn't announce this year? Gears 2. That's it. Is ONE game at the END of the year worth it? Is that the sort of glorious "unannounced" game you're banking on?

OuterHaven3635d ago

I agree with you, the only unannounced game by MS last year was Gears 2. I highly doubt MS will announce a AAA mind-blowing game out of nowhere.

chrisnick3635d ago

wow.....its the 30th and xbox ppl are panicking....all im sayin is.....if u have to look for the exclusives....then there's no point...we haven't heard of them,thus, they don't exist.

gijose3635d ago

what big PS3 exclusives are coming early in the year other than Killzone 2???

I guess you can count Infamous, because it's currently listed as Spring 2009, but who knows.

god of war 3, uncharted 2, heavy rain, MAG, GT5 (if it's coming this year) are all coming by earliest end of 2009.

billez3635d ago

guys you always forget the souljaboi exclusive com'on!!!

Heldrasil3635d ago

Mine is already on gamestop...I love him and that store... j/k

Dread3635d ago

will see.

the only thing i know is that Sony, always announces lots more games than what they actually deliver. MS has been thus far more conservative.

So i do not know.

However, if we compare the exclusives that heve been announced (assuming that it is not bull, and they actually release in 09), i have to agree that SOny has the edge.

but again the jury is still out. I heard the same exact thing in 07.

BrianC62343635d ago

What bull. Sony doesn't announce a lot more games than they deliver. They're just like Microsoft. Both show some games that are months away and others that are two years away. Killzone 2 has been in production a long time but what about Alan Wake? For every game Sony has done this with Microsoft has one too.

Dread3635d ago

i do not think is bull.. but u r entitled to your opinion


Why o why3635d ago

there's conservative and there's saying nothing because they have nothing to say. There's a difference. All of a sudden sony showing off what s coming is some kind of a bad thing. It all boils down to the lack of studios. Anybody who feels the number of exclusives and in house/ 2nd party studios aren't intertwined is really not thinking straight. When has MS EVER been conservative apart from u know what, conservative is just not them.