Neocrisis: The Top Ten RPGs of 2008

Neocrisis writes: "2008 has been a great year for RPG fans. Whether you are a Western, Japanese, Action, Strategy or MMORPG fan, there had to be something to your likings. Now that the year is almost over (Happy New Year to everyone reading), let's take a lot back and countdown the top ten RPGs of 2008."

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Johnny Cullen3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Oh my kingdom for a Valkyria Chronicles 2!

I gave VC1 No 3 in top 20 list of games for 2008 for GOONL!NE. Its even pending approval.

So Sega, either advertise the crap out of this game or sweeten the deal to get gamers to buy this game, it's incredible, any PS3 owner should buy this game.

Luzce3640d ago

...have no idea why this game is not stealing the headlines. It's fantastic; the most fun I've had in front of my TV for a long, long time.

lord_of_balrogs3639d ago

Mass Effect only a honorable mention. That's blasphemy right there.

Skywalker3333639d ago

i agree. VC is easily one of the best games this year. i simply cant understand why people seem to avoid it.


first it was Beyond Good & Evil. Then it was Okami. Now Valkyria Chronicles.

All of them AAA+ masterpieces and they were snobed by the public. I just dont get it.

dru8883639d ago

I hope they put trophies in VC together with the January DLC. If they do, i'll get it

joemayo763639d ago

yea totally agree i have no probs with this list except i'd rank VC ALOT higher (2-3) with #1 being PERSONA!!!

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nos4speed3639d ago

I have valkyria chronicles sitting right next to my PS3, cant w8 to play it !!! too many games to play this season lol! especially wen it comes to gr8 games which have been sadly overlooked, dead space----AMAZING!!! Mirrors edge---just started playing today but so far, very beautiful and great to play! Far cry2---im having a gr8 experience with that, loveing the map builder! It really is sad to see games like this not getting the sales they deserve when games like GTA4 got sales they definitly didnt deserve, but never mind at least im happy, now all i want is enchanted arms 2 XD

GWAVE3639d ago

I thought Tales of Vesperia was a terrible game. For quality JRPGs I'd definitely have to doff my cap to the likes of Persona 4, Lost Odyssey, or Valkyria Chronicles, but Vesperia? Uuuuhhg.

Itrguy0013639d ago

dont really have a 360 so i cant agree or disagree wonder if my cousin has it so i can play it for a little bit at his house. although he got a RRoD so hes waiting for a response from MS to see if they'll extend the warranty to 1 week he got it yesterday poor [email protected] got it when his big brother was on break from college

kewlkat0073639d ago

On another note: JRPG and the western market is Risky.

Itrguy0013639d ago

i would like you to look at P3, P4, Eternal Sonata, Chrono Trigger for a few seconds

kewlkat0073639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

P3 and P4..I have yet to touch, just finished Fable 2, playing Fallout 3, Disgeae 3 for PS3, and finishing up Infinite Undiscovery. "Valkryia Chronicles " is not my type of RPG, same as Advanced Wars for the NDS. I don't mind Tactics but I can't stand Micro managing every move. Character skill set, yes.

Have to catch up on Blue Dragon and Tales as they are the only ones I've missed on Next-gen.
Not enough fn time..I like to take my time with RPGs ..and I got WKC and Star Ocean upon the horizon...

This is just RPG, I also play shooters.. and Fighters, as much as I would want buy gaming is not my

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