Microsoft getting ready to lay off 17% of staff

Lars-Göran Nilsson at Fudzilla writes:

"The rumour that Microsoft was set to lay off people in January 15th 2009 is no longer a rumour but a fact. Staff at Microsoft has been informed that the company is readying major layoffs to its worldwide operations and it's not a small cut either.

Currently Microsoft employs about 90,000 people across the world and from what we're hearing, some 15,000 of those are expected to be giving marching orders come January 15th. That's almost 17 percent of Microsoft's total work force, not exactly a small number."

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rucky3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

When he grows up and becomes a real boy with a real job he'll understand.

BWS19823458d ago

how most of the mature gamers (not fanboys) see this as a tragic event, whereas someone like Dread thinks he's won the nobel prize by "turning tables" and having some epiphany and revealing it.-- News flash: Mature people don't get involved in fanboyism, and they can recognize when something horrible like 15,000 pink slips is a BAD thing. This goes above your stupid console war, take a day off from trolling for once.

Le Idiotce3458d ago

Soon, cutting costs wont be enough and Steve Balmer will look at the non profitable divisions within MS.

And believe me when I say that the XBOX division is one of the worst non profitable divisions within MS.

There is a good chance, Steve Balmer will pull the plug out of the 9 billion in losses XBOX division.

Yes folks, 9 billion in red. And no end in sight of the dark tunnel either.

Mr_Bun3458d ago

I had no idea that MS had employees in Africa!...That is a massive layoff...the good news is that most of these people will have transferrable skills (working computer knowledge) helping them land another job, unlike assembly workers at GM/Dodge/Ford

ChampIDC3458d ago

Yeah, at least working for Microsoft looks good on your resume. Best of luck to these people.

dantesparda3458d ago

Is where are all the 360 fanboys that were claiming gloom and doom for Sony, Where are they now, to claim the same sh!t for MS? But we all know that they wont say sh!t now. I told youse that MS is down almost 50% from last year and yet i have yet to see a single website talk about that. Its all biased bullsh!t on the net. So does this mean that the 360 could end up dead? (i know im just being stupid just like the 360 fanboy kids)

godofthunder103458d ago

You must be one of the biggest and bias ps3 fanboy of them all.
You said and i quote"If Microsoft didnt slash the prices on the 360 some of these poor souls would still have jobs. Good job taking care of your own M$"unquote.I could tell by your post that you don't have any buisness since.If microsoft didn't lower their price on the 360 they would have had to lay off a lot more then they did because of the economy ps3 fanboy.

I like to know what damn planet you are liveing on or what the hell you are smokeing.The fact is that sony lowered their price on the ps3 before they had to lay off a whole bunch of workers to.I guess since it was sony(a forign company) it was alright to do it but it's not alright for microsoft(an American company)to do it.The fact is that you need to grow up and understand something before you post an article about it and make an ass out of your self like you did.

TOO PAWNED3458d ago

sony, microsft, whatever, ppl loosing jobs SUCKS!

Nathan Drake3458d ago

Half of Kotaku are being laid off?

morganfell3458d ago

Ha ha man you get the gold star for funniest comment of the day. And like the best humor it is colored with the truth.

Kratos Spartan3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

slow down Nathan Drake...


bubbles for the above 3

tlogank3458d ago

But @ Nathan Drake, I commented on N4G for the first time ever just because your comment caught me so off guard and made me laugh so hard.

Bubble Buddy3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Haha, you need more Bubbles Drake. Especially for being in an awesome game. I think I'll quote that ;P.

S M N3458d ago

give this man bubbles :)

uie4rhig3458d ago

i'd give you a bubble if i cud lol..

GiantEnemyCrab3458d ago

Can't even go 4 posts without seeing the hypocrites in full force.

Take the first guys bubble away and give him a comment lashing for bringing up system wars and then this unfunny PS3 ..... is given bubbles for making a similar system wars/off topic/fanboy comment. Not funny when people are losing their jobs even if it effects MSN more and not the Xbox division. So sorry Drake I'm sure you would of rather seen people in Xbox lose their job by that tasteless comment.

badz1493458d ago

chill off dude! at least his comment is cheering people up. it's sad really that people loose jobs for the economy is so bad be it at M$ camp or Sony camp! but when the news about sony laying off employers, I read a lot of comments saying that the PS3 is the reason for all those mess and less about the poor souls lossing their jobs. then came this news about M$ and now nobody is allowed to have a little cheering up moment? at least now people can see that the economy is effecting everybody and not because the PS3 is what killing sony! but it's not the end of the day! cheer up and my prayer for them to have a new jobs somewhere else.

Bubble Buddy3458d ago

I think Crab is from of Kotaku :P. kidding but seriously, hope those people find new jobs.

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