Edge Interview: Lasting Remnant?

In 2007, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada announced that Last Remnant would form the cornerstone title in the company's efforts to build a new global audience. Designed to appeal to both eastern and western markets, the RPG has ambitions beyond the usual boundaries of its genre. Edge talks with Hiroshi Takai, the game's director, and Yusuke Naora, its art director, to discover what Wada's vision has meant for the development team on the ground.

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Darkseider3636d ago

From the article:

"Yusuke Naora: It was the first time we’d used the Unreal Engine, so work was certainly slow going at first. But as we got the hang of it we were able to do a lot of things that would’ve been harder with our traditional tools."

- Well if that's truly the case then these guys need some damned help. If the tools they have been using and are familiar with would have been harder then they REALLY REALLY need help developing with the UE3.

"We aren’t looking for a certain sales threshold before we’ll consider doing a sequel. We just want Last Remnant to do well at retail and to be critically well received."

- Well neither has been achieved, that being the case I don't see a sequel coming.

A cornerstone it isn't. If anything it is more like a headstone.

Simon_Brezhnev3636d ago

i agree with everything u said

RPG Guy3636d ago

Abandon PS3 for 360 console focused development (forget handhelds for a sec people), force your fanbase to a console they DON'T want (360 for japanese/FF fans), license an underperforming, overrated engine you have no idea what the **** you're doing with it and then develop a "cornerstone" global RPG with it! And when it turns out like horse-crap (not too mention fails to make it to the PS3...again) do everything you can to defend it while it sells like a furcoat at a PETA convension...honestly.

Chris3993636d ago

I didn't think that anything could top it, even Orphen for the PS2 (actually, I kinda enjoyed that "bad" game).

Installing the game doesn't really seem to do much. All of the glitches seem prevalent and some reviewers insistence that I simply "look past them and play the game" seem ludicrous when compared to other IPs.

The texture pop-in and frame-rate on this game is unbelievable. I never played it straight off of the disc, but can't fathom how disastrous it would be as playing off the HD is bad enough.

Game needed another 3-6 months of development, period. So far this "cornerstone" idea seems to consist of SE pushing out as many games as possible regardless of their quality. Don't even get me started on what a rip off Chrono Trigger for the DS is either.

I may play LR again when it's out for the PS3, but I'll comb through every review before doing so. Star Ocean really is "the last hope" for me, as far as SE goes this gen.

And honestly, I'm prepared (though not pre-disposed, negative and expecting, just "prepared" based on SE's track record) to be disappointed.

I'd really like to be wrong.

gaffyh3636d ago

The game isn't worse than Infinite Undsicovery, it is definitely better than that. The problem with it is that it's obvious they thought "Western gamers don't like to choose commands", so they randomised everything in the game. The only reason the game is bad is that you have to be very very well prepared for battles because soo much is based on chance.

Chris3993636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

Infinite Undiscovery was just generic and ugly (with a tad of slow-down, but nothing near LR). Last Remnant is a mess. Almost every reviewer or person who has played the game seems to agree on it's failed technical merits.

I'm sure that under the steaming pile of technical poop there is a nice game there, waiting to be discovered. Problem is, that's not the game that they shipped me. I'm glad that you can look past these issues and find some enjoyment in the mess. I'll wait for a better version or skip it entirely.

Again, not trying to argue, I just have a different opinion. And SE's opinion of the game is what worries me the most. In every interview that I've come across, they seem utterly unconcerned or unaware that they shipped the game in the state they did. That's the ultimate "F-you" to the consumer if ever there was one.

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Liquid Dust3636d ago

"In 2007, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada announced that Last Remnant would form the cornerstone title in the company's efforts to build a new global audience"

Cornerstone eh? More like headstone, that game needs to be put 6 feet under my friends. Surely some more effort could be put in to make it less of a buggy piece of crap.

This is not the Square i used to know and love

Millah3636d ago

Pretty much Wada needs to be fired immediately, this guy is a clown.

SmokeyMcBear3636d ago

insert cornerstone = headstone joke here

Raoh3636d ago

biggest crap i ever loaded on the 360.

there were framerate issues during the cutscense. and the gameplay battles are click and cross your fingers.

on the 360 the best rpg developer is mistwalker. both lost odyssey and blue dragon dont get enough attention for everything they did right and how well both games played.

kewlkat0073636d ago

I so Agree....

Great games....I tell ya.

How can you say No to ""Hironobu Sakaguchi & "Nobuo Uematsu + Akira Toriyama".

ChampIDC3636d ago

I still need to play Blue Dragon. I picked it up like 4 weeks ago, but work + multiplayer with friends = no time for me to play it. I'll probably play it next week when all of my friends are back in school and I'm off for a week.

Heldrasil3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

Lost Odyssey was the best JRPG I have played in a long time...for me, since FFX. The only thing it was missing, was the ability summon...but then it would have been hailed as a Final Fantasy clone....

Danja3636d ago

Lost Odyssey is so far my fave RPG for the 360...

VC for the PS3....

but damn this gen so far sucks for RPG's ..the best RPG of the year is on the PS2 "Persona 4"...

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MegaMohsi3636d ago

Western RPGs have destroyed anything Square on next gen consoles so far. Last Remnant was a joke, I'm not expecting FF13 to be anything great either but hopefully I'm wrong

kewlkat0073636d ago

I remember some said the same about Final Fantasy 7.

I'm keeping my expectations real low after FFXII.

MegaMohsi3636d ago

I really hope it's another FF7

ZackFair3636d ago

It's not like the guys behind Last Remnant have anything to do with Final Fantasy XIII, or the other way around.

The FF teams actually know what they're doing, unlike the LR crew (SaGa devs), who has never made a single decent game.

kewlkat0073636d ago

The last 2 Final Fantasy games I loved were the first on a Next-Gen Console...

Final Fantasy VII - PSone

Final Fantasy X - PStwo

Final Fantasy XIII - PSthree

Hopefully the trend continues....

Simon_Brezhnev3636d ago

true but i think Final Fantasy Vs XIII will be better then XIII i like the dark theme and glad its mature

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