15 Reasons PC Gaming Beats All

Pcworld: In the tradition of end-of-year numbers lists, here's one for intransigent console devotees to light on fire. I spent part of 2008 taking polite shots at PC foibles like Microsoft's halfhearted Games for Windows initiative, the functionality and game support travesties that plagued Vista for the better part of 2007 into 2008, PC gaming's dwindling stable of A-list exclusives, and the now impossible to miss short-term-gains mentality that's dropping eggs in low-risk baskets labeled "World of Warcraft" and "The Sims."

So here's my last minute about-face defending the PC as a viable games platform, and a friendly rejoinder to Techradar's "12 reasons console gaming beats PCs."

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fredrikpedersen3633d ago

PC gaming is just so inconvenient. I just love to pop in the disk and play, not worrying about patches, PunkBuster, firewalls and all that sort of crap. Besides, being updated as far as the tech go, is a pain in the arse (..and my wallet).

ChampIDC3633d ago

I hear ya on that one bud. Consoles are extremely convenient. Sometimes you just want to sit back in your couch and enjoy a game. Can't really do that on a PC unless you hook it into your TV and play with a controller. I play both my 360 and PC from my computer desk, though, so I don't get that luxury. No couch in my room XD

Jacobite3633d ago

Ive had My Xp Pc for 5 years (Built by myself)played COD2 ,Joint Ops,HL2,TF and COD4(that was pushing it lol)plus a few more games ,never had any serious problem that interferred with my games (O part from my BT BB for a short period)but never bothered my Singleplayer at any time,had more probs with my Xbox 360 (RROD twice)and old Xbox just died after 2 years : ( My PC only been updated twice a Gaphic card and more Ram. Only thing in the house that beats it, is the PS2 7 years and still going good.And still have the PC yet sitting next to another PC : )

Dark_Overlord3633d ago

but having another analogue stick for movement beats the hell out of WASD

And as fredrikpedersen said I prefer to pop the disc in and play

Product3633d ago

i like pc gaming for the fps which i love the controls for....just cant play a fps on a console with analog.....just doesnt feel right to me.Plus the graphics cant be beat......if you can afford it.Although i cant play a fps for hours like some can on here and its not as inconvenient as some might think.......i really feel the people who dont like pc gaming are the ones that cant afford it.

Majors3633d ago

With console gaming you can go out and buy ANY game for your system and it's guaranteed to work full speed full spec etc.. You dont have to check out system specs before you buy a game.

PC gaming you buy/build a top of the range PC which is great for 6 months, you then buy the latest game and it don't work at full speed max res, full particle effect etc because your gfx card is getting old and not compatible with DX16 and you only have 5ghz quad core cpu,4gb of ram & 1TB HDD which is never enough.

I admit i used to prefer pc gaming BUT its bloody expensive and a pain to upgrade every year or so.