Rumor Killers: Home in indefinite beta and Free Radical up for sale

Home refuses to come out of its beta shell and Free Radical goes up for sale as we mull over our New Year's resolutions.

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italianbreadman3634d ago

I will light a candle for Free Radical. I never got to play Haze (and that's probably a good thing), but I was a fan of the TimeSplitters games, and of course Goldeneye.

Mozilla893634d ago

I really really hope that Timesplitters 4 did not die. I'm a huge fan of that series and I still have hope it will come to the 360 and PS3.

shoinan3634d ago

Pretty good name, but Free Radical will be missed.

Eiffel3634d ago

I love the fact that these stories are already up and every time one of these articles come up its old news.

pp3634d ago

That's what happen's when you make a exclusive for sony you get fired and out of a job if your game does not do well.Free Radical should beg Microsoft if they can get a job.

ChampIDC3634d ago

Because clearly every company that has made an exclusive for Sony is dying.

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